Students Provide Thoughts on Learning From Home

Since March 13, students have been working on school virtually at home through Zoom, Google Meet, and Google Classroom. But how do students really feel about learning this way?

“At first, online learning seemed like it was the best thing that could have happened. There was no school, we could sleep in, and the work was the bare minimum. However, as the weeks progressed, work has become repetitive and old, and there is no incentive to learn and do well because every grade is on completion,” Anonymous said. 

“I feel like not only is it ineffective and more stressful than regular learning, but it also makes going to class and listening to your teachers superfluous as you can easily Google your answers or only have to do 60% of the work,” junior Ryan Lorusso said.

“I find that online learning is hard because it is difficult to stay productive and learn new material over videos,” junior Amy Gordon said. 

“I feel like online learning has taken away some of the pressures of being a junior in high school. For one thing, I was unprepared to take the SATs because I take honors and AP classes and had a ton of homework in the winter, so I am glad that those were pushed back as well. I like working on my own schedule and using more time to get work done correctly and right, rather than just rushing to be done by the bell,” Anonymous said.

“I think it is harder to get work done because I don’t feel like the teachers are pushing me to understand all the work and sometimes some of the assignments are confusing because teachers are not there to explain it,” junior Andrew Hendricks said. 

“Overall, it is a big change, but it is manageable. It is very different from school with the social aspects, and I would say the worst part is not being able to interact with people in the same way that I would in regular class. The schoolwork itself is easier, but the lack of a learning environment is harder to cope with,” junior Brendan Mahoney said. 

“It is so much more difficult and stressful than actual school,” junior Maeve Casey said.

Although it is almost summer and students tend to feel frustrated by work in the warmer weather, on regardless of the scenario, online learning happens to upset students even more. Teachers should work to find ways to make online learning more engaging and fun for students.