Hallway Talk: AP Students Discuss Their Exams


Christina Coville

Students were polled Monday, May 11th, during Block D.

QUESTION: How did your AP exams go? How prepared were you?

Junior Brenna Manning: “In class we did practice with essays and multiple choice, so I think that will help me. I also took a practice exam.”

Senior DJ Villa: “It’s not about the preparation. It’s about being in the right mental state.”

Junior Rishab Mathur: “They were terrible even though I prepared a good amount, but at the end of it, it was just hard.”

Senior Mark Demerais: “They were so much harder than I thought, but my intense studying prepared me.”

Senior Lindsey Bruen: “I didn’t prepare.”

Sophomore Henry Rose: “They went good because I was prepared.”

Senior Melanie Caneja: “I haven’t finished taking them yet. I have my fourth one today, and for the most part they are generally okay, but my Physics exam was impossible. For the most part, the teachers here do a really good job at preparing you.”

Senior Marc Sheehan: “They went well because I was prepared. I just think Ms. Culliton prepared me well.”

Senior Bryan Kelleher: “I think I got a solid 4 give-or-take 3. I didn’t study.”

Senior Lucy Lynch: “ I think they were kind of hard and I probably should’ve studied more.”