“Six Feet Apart” Portrays Emotions During COVID-19

Alec Benjamin’s New Song Explains the Importance of Social Distancing

On April 9, Alec Benjamin released a new single titled “Six Feet Apart.” Benjamin’s single portrays the emotions people have felt while dealing with the coronavirus. Most importantly, it emphasizes the need for people to practice social distancing in order to keep everyone healthy.

Benjamin released his first hit album in 2018 which included 12 songs called “Narrator For You,” along with some of the most well known tracks “Let Me Down Slowly” and “Water Fountain,” both of which were on the top charts.

Not only does “Six Feet Apart” express the fears and anxieties of social distancing, it also shows how difficult it is to isolate oneself as a teenager. Benjamin explains how vital it is to keep six feet from everyone to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

In the song, Benjamin talks about how slow time moves and wants to go back to a time without having to be six feet apart. He also explains how he wishes he could ride in a car with his friends and not have to see them outside his car window.

“Six Feet Apart” is a song to bring people together during this unprecedented time. The song also relates to the people listening as many people are struggling with the impact of social distancing and the importance of complying with it.