Netflix Releases Documentary: “A Secret Love”

Many people have looked to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and other streaming services to provide entertainment during this time of quarantine. People of all ages have been preoccupied by the popular Netflix original series “All American” and “Outer Banks,” but a lesser known original Netflix documentary “A Secret Love” was just as emotional and held an informational side to it. 


“A Secret Love” explored the relationship between Canada natives Terry Donahue and Pat Henschel and how they were forced to keep their romantic relationship private for several years because they are lesbians and the unwelcoming attitude of people during the 1940s. It showed how the women were forced to pioneer their way through the homophobic attitudes of people, including their very own family members. It followed their early lives such as Terry’s time in the male-dominated baseball industry. She was a catcher in the All American League, a baseball league for women. The documentary also dove into the relationships among their family and friends. 


The documentary not only examined the relationship between the two women, but also the relationship they hold with other members of their family, especially Terry’s niece Diane. Diane held so much love for her Nanny Terry and ultimately wanted the best for her, but her relationship with Terry’s significant other, Pat, who struggled to let others in, was complex to say the least. They were forced to put their differences aside numerous times in order to ultimately determine what was best for not only Terry, but Pat too. 


“A Secret Love” also shined light on the relationship Terry and Pat had with a gay couple, Jack and John. The couples were very good friends, as they were able to relate to one another and what they went through being part of a same sex relationship during such a difficult time. 


The documentary was very authentic and displayed many real notes and pictures from Pat and Terry’s time together. It did not solely focus on the happy, upbeat moments, but also showed those real raw emotions during trying times to give viewers a full understanding of Pat and Terry’s life.


During quarantine one could watch “A Secret Love” if he or she is looking for a true story of two women who fought for their relationship despite all the challenges they were presented with throughout their 72 years together.