Paige Brooks Commits To Saint Michael’s College For Field Hockey

Walpole High School senior Paige Brooks committed to Saint Michael’s College for field hockey in November 2019. 

“I started playing field hockey when I was in fourth grade,” Brooks said. “I realized it was something I wanted to do for another four years in college during my sophomore year of high school.”

It did not take Brooks a long time to realize that field hockey was something she wanted to continue in college. Brooks has always had field hockey in her life and knew at a very young age that she wanted to try out for the Walpole High School field hockey team to hopefully continue playing. And when she made the team, she was excited for the new team dynamic and to make new friends. Her love for the sport grew, especially with her teammates on the Walpole High School field hockey team.  

“The best part about being on the field hockey team at Walpole High School was that everyone was so supportive of one another and that we were all so close, almost like a family,” Brooks said. “The team is very tight knit and hardworking.”

Throughout her high school field hockey career, Brooks has spent countless hours practicing on the field for game days and practices. Brooks had challenges outside of the field that have affected her ability to play to her best.

“The biggest challenge I’ve had to face and still have to face is having type one diabetes,” Brooks said. “During games and practices, sometimes my blood sugar would go high or low affecting my ability to play and stay out on the field.”

Brooks and her field hockey coach decided to reach out to the field hockey coach at Saint Michael’s to demonstrate interest in the school. The process it takes to commit to a college for sports is different than students committing to a school for academics since athletes have to play games and show recruiters that they are right for their school. 

“The commitment process can definitely be stressful and overwhelming. Being the oldest child and not knowing much about the recruiting process was a little difficult, but I was able to manage.”

Brooks decided that Saint Michael’s was the right school for her with the help from some alumni to guide her in the right direction, and the help from her parents and friends.  With a field hockey career in Brooks’ future, she is excited for this new chapter in her life in college. 

“There is no doubt in my mind that I will have fun and enjoy the next four years at Saint Michael’s. The most important thing to me is playing field hockey for another four years, and I am so grateful Saint Michael’s gave me that opportunity,” Brooks said. 

Brooks has learned a lot of things from her high school field hockey career that she hopes to carry over to Saint Michael’s with her. 

“One thing I took away from high school field hockey was to always push yourself. I know I will take this to the college level and strive to be the best player I can on and off the field.”

With Brooks’ Walpole High School field hockey career coming to a close, she wants future field hockey players and athletes that want to play sports in college to never give up.