Jackson Walonis Commits to Bentley University for Baseball

Nolan Geer, Staff Writer

Commiting to a college can be a difficult decision for many high schoolers; however, when senior Jackson Walonis committed by early decision to Bentley University in the fall of 2019, he found it to be the right fit for both his athletic and academic needs.  

 “I committed to Bentley because I have always been very interested in going into business after college, and Bentley offered me a great opportunity to study business at a great school as well as play competitive college baseball,” Walonis said.

Walonis’s interest in baseball began far before his high school career, and the opportunity to play at a university level allowed him to continue this passion into his college years.

I’ve been playing baseball for as long as I can remember. I’ve always loved the game, and it has been my goal to play at the collegiate level ever since I was a little kid playing tee-ball,” Walonis said.

Walonis currently plays baseball at Walpole High School and plans to continue throughout the rest of his college career. His idols, Derek Jeter and Javier Baez, both helped his interest grow in baseball as well. His major in business was, however, one of the bigger factors in his choice of specifically Bentley. As Walonis applied early decision, he was forced to commit immediately, which he did not mind at all.

“Baseball played a massive role in where I decided to go to college, but I had an opportunity to play at a lot of great schools. I think the reason I decided to go to Bentley is because I will be able to earn a respectable business degree that will help me get into grad[uate] school, as well as play high level college baseball for four years,” Walonis said.

Walonis’s ultimate goal in attending Bentley is to earn his degree in business that can carry him further into the working world and earn him a job.With a college baseball career also on his horizon, Walonis has a lot to look forward to in the worlds of academics and athletics.

“As far as [playing in the major leagues], I would have to say we’re just gonna have to wait and see,” Walonis said.