Citizens Should Prioritize Local Restaurants

Citizens Should Prioritize Local Restaurants

Before the coronavirus, citizens could travel to their favorite restaurants across town, both chains and independent restaurants. People opted to try new, smaller businesses with their friends, rather than go to the same drive-thru on the weekends for lunch or dinners. Since the beginning of the pandemic, however, restaurants everywhere have had to abide by regulations, causing them to close down their dining rooms and restrict customers from entering, leading to a decline in their business. 

With the continuation of social distancing and quarantine, many people are refraining from going into public places and ordering take-out meals. Many have begun cooking at home more frequently, rarely purchasing meals from anywhere else. When they order food on occasion, it is important that they consider independent and local restaurants. For businesses that only have one location, the coronavirus will have a much bigger impact on their stability versus a large chain, such as McDonald’s. 

Unfortunately, all businesses are suffering during this time, as families are limiting their spending and only purchasing from essential businesses when necessary. Many employees are also currently out of work, making it difficult to buy ready-to-eat meals whenever they please. Chains, however, hold hundreds of locations and can make profits from all over the world. Independent restaurants do not have this luxury to rely on. 

Chains also often have drive-thrus, allowing servers to have very minimal contact with their customers. This makes it much more convenient for people to purchase take-out from the restaurant with less fear of contracting the coronavirus. Although this may make it easier for customers, there are still ways to help out local businesses while staying safe. For example, many restaurants will deliver food to one’s car, or only require that a customer comes into the building to pick up and pay. By wearing a mask and taking proper safety precautions, local restaurants do not pose more of a threat than a chain. 

Even if it is only once every other weekend, ordering from a local pizza shop instead of a chain could make a significant difference in one’s business. Citizens should resist the temptation for their usual Chick-fil-A sandwich and try out a smaller business down the street while staying safe and abiding by state regulations. Its impact may be much stronger than one assumes and could help out a local citizen.