Creative Ideas to Safely Celebrate Birthdays During Quarantine

During the coronavirus pandemic, celebrating birthdays can feel like an impossible task because of the restrictions in Massachusetts. Only essential businesses are open, so the option of having a birthday party at another venue is out the window. Buying a birthday present is also harder than before quarantine because the only choice is to shop online. Here are a few ideas that one can use to give that friend or family member a special day, while continuing to social distance.

Car Parade

The car parade has probably been the most popular idea to celebrate birthdays because everyone is around during quarantine. Since most people are working from home and all students are learning from home, everyone can take some time out of their day to celebrate with their friend or family member. People can decorate their cars with posters, balloons, and streamers as they parade by the person’s house. Also, the Walpole Police Department and the Walpole Fire Department will lead the parade with lights and sirens if they are given a time and date for the parade.

Fire Pit With Friends

Although there are restrictions for gathering, if there are less than 10 people at the same house, it is still safe. Guests can arrive with masks and sit in chairs six feet apart in order to social distance themselves. While outside, there is a steady air flow, so it is much safer to sit outside rather than spread germs indoors. Rather than having cake, friends can celebrate with s’mores!

Virtual Video Messages or Calls

Many people have used Zoom or GoogleMeet to keep in touch with friends and family during quarantine. Having a video call with friends is almost like having a party, but just done virtually! Some other people have used FlipGrid to post videos of them wishing their friend or family member a happy birthday. This is a special way for people to remind them it is still their special day even though they have to stay home. 

Buying Gifts

Most stores are having major sales right now because they can no longer have their stores open. Buy a gift online for a friend’s birthday and drop it off at their house! If it is too late to order something online, buy a gift card while grocery shopping and send a card in the mail to a friend or family member to wish them a happy birthday. 

Movie Night Outside

Similar to the fire pit idea, inviting a few friends over to socially distance outside can be done safely. Guests can wear masks to prevent the spread of germs and sit six feet apart. Use a projector to project the movie onto the back of a house or a shed and it is almost the same as being at the movie theater!