NHS Students Hold Campaign to Vote


(Photo/Brendan Mahoney)

A group of NHS members gathered in East Walpole to encourage voting.

The National Honor Society (NHS) for Walpole High School gathered throughout Walpole on Saturday, Oct. 17, to spread awareness about voting in this year’s presidential election. Students made signs that reminded people to register to vote, where they could register to vote, when early voting begins and the deadline for voting. 

All participating students met in three small groups in various spots throughout Walpole to increase their visibility and to spread more information. Locations included Walpole center, the Bird Park entrance and along Washington Street in South Walpole. NHS members in small groups wore masks to adhere to CDC guidelines. Their main goals included encouraging other students and young adults to vote while staying safe. 

“I think it’s especially good to get us young people involved too because this is new to us as we turn eighteen, and it’s good to develop the habit of being actively engaged in the voting process,” senior and NHS President Grace Manzo said. 

Students with signs campaigned in the center of town. (Photo/Brendan Mahoney)


Throughout the day, NHS participants received positive feedback from other Walpole citizens, many walking or driving by on their way to other activities. 

“I think the coolest part of this event for me was the reactions that we received from people driving by, a lot of honks, a lot of waves and thumbs up. People overall were very supportive of our cause,” said senior and NHS Historian Brendan Mahoney. 


NHS members campaigned in South Walpole. (Photo/Brendan Mahoney)

Due to COVID-19, voting will take place differently in Walpole compared to previous years. Voters can vote by mail, take part in early voting, or vote on election day. Since this type of election only happens every four years, NHS students find it important to take advantage of this special time, while informing others of new voting opportunities. 

“I hope we inspired people to vote and that the NHS members who participated in the campaign are proud of themselves for educating others about something so important to our country like voter registration,” said Manzo.