Sit! Stay! and Read About the Best Pet Grooming Salons

As pet owners, we seek to treat our pets like human beings. When it comes to grooming, finding the best salon to go to can be difficult. A few aspects that owners look for in grooming salons are affordability, cleanliness, consistency and quality. Keep reading to see which salons check some Walpole High School pet owners’ boxes. 

Caring for three dogs and a cat can sometimes be difficult, but finding the best salon to keep them healthy and clean is crucial. Personally, my family and I have experimented with PetSmart in Walpole, PetCo in Norwood, The Village Groomers in Walpole, and It’s A Dogs Life in Sharon, looking for places that treat our pets like royalty.

Located at Walpole Mall, PetSmart Grooming has a 4.5 star rating. “They do a good job cleaning my dog and the location is easily accessible. Dorsey [dog], always leaves smelling and looking clean,” says Annika Massey who has one dog, two cats and soon a new German Shepard puppy. 

Sophia Richer has a Golden Retriever and takes him to The Village Groomer on Providence highway which holds a 4.9 star rating. Richer explains that The Village Groomer carries products that provide her dog with a thorough clean.

Just like Richer, Cecilia Doherty also brings her Irish Doodle, Clover, to The Village Groomers. She thinks this is the best option because the staff is friendly, it is in close proximity to her house, and they wash Clover well all while keeping him happy.

Although a close location is preferable, many people look towards affordability before making an appointment. One of my dogs recently had a bath and haircut, which in the end, cost $80. Despite the cost, my dog was perfectly clean and cut, but where can she get an affordable cut and still smell fresh while looking clean?

“I have an Aussiedoodle dog and we take him to the Continental in West Roxbury because it is affordable and they always do a great job,” says Abby Krug. The Continental, Bed. Bath. Bone, has a 4 star rating.

Dogs that don’t shed are said to need grooming more often than dogs who do shed. Katie Minsk’s Bichon Frise Shih Tzu mix gets bathed and trimmed at Barking Beauties in Canton which has a 4.6 star rating. 

“The workers at the salon are very friendly and consistently trim my dog to the correct length,” says Minsk. 

Each one of these pet grooming salons are great, I look forward to trying these new groomers in the future! Which one will you try next?