“Operation Christmas Drop” is a Heartwarming Take on a Real Air Force Project

The months approaching Christmas are filled with new holiday drinks, desserts and movies. Some people may find enjoyment in rewatching old classics to anticipate the upcoming holiday season, while others prefer to watch new movies, luckily Netflix has recently released many holiday movies to help get viewers in the Christmas spirit. In early November, “Operation Christmas Drop” was released to please those who skip right over Thanksgiving and celebrate the Christmas season right when the calendar hits November. 

“Operation Christmas Drop” puts a romantic spin on an actual Air Force project. This operation aims to drop presents and survival supplies to remote and poor areas to lift their hopes and help them get into the Christmas spirit. 

“Operation Christmas Drop” follows Erica Miller, played by Kat Graham, who is a congressional aide when her boss assigns her to investigate the productivity and importance of an Air Force Base after seeing a post about a “Christmas Drop” on social media. Erica’s boss is looking to defund the military and save money. 

However, when Erica lands at the base, Andrew, played by Alexander Ludwig, (who is in charge of the Christmas Drop) is assigned to show Erica around. Erica goes into her mission with a strong and stubborn mind but is no match for Andrew’s charm and charisma. 

Andrew’s passion and love for helping people is evident through the drop, and in no time, Erica sees how much the drop means to the island and begins participating in the efforts leading up to the drop. Not only does Erica fall for the uplifting and inspirational project, but she also falls for Andrew, the leader of the whole operation. 

This movie not only focuses on the gradual love story between Erica and Andrew, it also highlights the importance of helping those in need and giving back to those who are less fortunate. The movie leaves the viewers with a new perspective of the Christmas season, and encourages people to love those around them.

The movie is also quite informative, and gives the viewers insight on a real Air Force humanitarian project. “Operation Christmas Drop” highlights all the hard work and effort that goes into this project, as well as showing the planes soar over the remote areas and drop presents with the military equipment. 

If you are looking for the classic Christmas love story, as well as a film that will touch your heart and encourage you to give back to your community, “Operation Christmas Drop” will not disappoint.