5 Technological Devices for Teenagers in 2021


Karissa Della Valle

The Sony SRS-XB12 is a small, portable speaker perfect for any activity.

Karissa Della Valle, Staff Writer

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, many teenagers are at home a few days a week, and many small businesses remain closed or at limited capacity due to the current state restrictions. While there are not many options for activities to do outside of the house on a weekend or Friday night, there are many technological devices that make spending time at home with family or close friends more enjoyable.

Investing in a pair of headphones makes it easy to switch between Zoom calls and Spotify listening sessions. (Apple)


While headphones are not a new invention and many teenagers already have them, they have become an essential with quarantine and hybrid learning. They can help the user concentrate when their whole family is working or learning from home on the same days and they are also great for listening to music or videos to destress after a long day online. Some of the most popular headphones among teenagers are Apple’s AirPods and Beats Solos. 


LED Lights

Because teenagers are spending hours in their rooms for remote learning, sitting in the same spot becomes boring after a while. One way to change up the room decor is to add LED lights. These strip lights have many different settings controlled by a remote that allow the user to change the color of the lights whenever they feel like it. They also have a temporary adhesive, so they are easy to remove whenever the room feels like it needs a change. LED lights are available for purchase on Amazon or in stores such as Walmart.


Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

The last thing many people want to do is spend time and energy planning activities for a family night that nobody enjoys, but karaoke gets the whole family singing and dancing together to their favorite songs. A wireless Bluetooth karaoke microphone makes karaoke nights easier by simply connecting via Bluetooth to a phone, making an enjoyable family night less work and more fun! They are available for purchase online on Amazon.

Upgrade your movie nights with a simple mini projector to watch movies on any blank wall. (Amazon)

Mini Movie Projector

Take family movie nights to the next level using a mini movie projector. These projectors connect to a variety of devices and project any movie or television show onto an empty wall or a projector screen. It can be used to watch movies in any room and, during the summer, bring it outside to watch movies with friends. Many teenagers have also been projecting their school work onto their bedroom walls to make remote learning easier. It can be found on Amazon or in stores such as Best Buy or Walmart.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Many teenagers use music as a way to relax, and with the increase in stress over the pandemic and school, a portable Bluetooth speaker can help the user destress while listening to their favorite music. Teenagers can listen to their music while they are completing homework, relaxing in their rooms or spending time with family or friends. It can also be used during cookouts, pool parties or beach days during the summer. Popular speakers such as the Sony SRS-XB12 Mini Speaker or the JBL Flip 4 Speaker are on Amazon or at Best Buy.


These technology items can make teenagers’ lives easier as well as helping them look forward to nights at home when they can listen to their favorite music, sing along and watch their favorite movies.