How to Use Notion to Get Your Life in Order

Katie Gillis, Feature Editor

If you are obsessed with organizing or need motivation to get work done, then Notion is the tool for you. Notion is a website that allows users to combine their school, work and personal lives all into one customizable online planner. 

Once you make an account, the website opens up to a blank page. From here, Notion provides building blocks to customize the website to your own needs. There are a number of features that can be installed onto the page, including images, text boxes, calendars, checklists, charts and more. Notion provides an unlimited number of pages, so you can have one for every scenario needed. The possibilities are pretty much endless. 

These building blocks are not the only way to customize Notion. Similar to Apple’s new update where you can add widgets, Notion allows you to embed pictures, emojis, quotes, charts and more onto the page. The color and font are customizable as well. These customization options have led to many users creating aesthetically pleasing setups, which adds to the intrigue of the website.

Users have customized their website like this to make it more aesthetically pleasing (Image/ Reddit)

Notion is especially useful for students. The to-do list and calendar features can help you to stay on top of your assignments. Plus, the text box feature makes it easy to  take notes directly on the website and organize them all into one place. Notion makes it easy to keep track of events outside of school as well. For example, if you have a job, the calendar can help to keep track of all your shifts.The finance feature is also useful to keep track of purchases. 

If you are planning on attending college in the near future, Notion is a great tool to help organize college applications. The calendar and timeline features can help with time management and you can easily keep track of deadlines. Additionally, the checklists feature can be very useful when keeping track of which colleges you are applying to or what you need to buy for your dorm room. 

Templates like this one can help to inspire you to customize your website (Image/ Katie Gillis)

You do not need to be creative to use Notion. The website has pre-made templates for a variety of topics, such as reading lists, weekly agendas and finance trackers. Additionally, templates from other users are available for download if another person’s design catches your eye. These are good guidelines to use to create your own pages. If you need further inspiration, many users have uploaded their own personal pages on Pinterest, Youtube and TikTok.

These tips are just the basics. Notion has so many features that you can customize it pretty much any way you want to. Although it may seem overwhelming at first, once you get the hang of it, getting organized becomes a lot more fun.