Taylor Swift Begins the Process of Re-releasing Her Old Albums


Image/ Pitchfork

Taylor Swift has certainly kept herself busy during the pandemic. For the third time in the past year, Swift is releasing a new album. This one is not like the others, however, because it is a re-recorded version of her 2008 album “Fearless.” The new album, titled “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)”, will be released on April 9, and includes 26 songs. Not only will the new album include all of the tracks from the original “Fearless”, but Swift has also included six new songs “from the vault.” 

Back in 2019, Swift’s former label, Big Machine Records, sold the original recordings of her first six albums to producer Scooter Braun. This means that Swift does not own the majority of her own music. Swift had been trying to buy back the recordings for a while after leaving Big Machine, but now, Braun is refusing to sell them to her. 

The only way she is allowed to have access to her own music is by creating “copycat versions” of the original songs, which is exactly what she is going to do. In addition to “Fearless”, she has planned to re-record “Taylor Swift”, “Speak Now”, “Red” and “1989.” 

Swift is not the first singer to re-record her old work. Artists like Def Leppard, Squeeze and Prince have tried the same tactic, but with little success. However, Swift’s popularity around the world and her massive, supportive fan base completely change the situation. If Swift’s re-recordings are successful, then the original copies will lose a lot of value. 

The first single off the album, “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)” was already released on February 12, just the day after the new album was announced. The song sounds virtually the same as the original, except it is evident how much Swift’s voice has matured in the new version. The song had already topped the US iTunes charts in just the first day of its release. 

Swift also dropped a lyric video to accompany the new song. It features many photos and videos from concerts on her “Fearless” tour back in 2009 and 2010. She also included a message at the end saying “with love to all my fans.” Many have seen this video as Swift’s way of taking a positive approach on the re-releases, especially because the reason behind their creation is so negative. 

The new album cover is another way that Swift pays homage to her old self. The image features her in a pose identical to the one on the original album. However on the new album cover, Swift is 13 years older. As Swift has said before, many fans grew up with her, and the new “Fearless” is evidence of that. While listening to the re-recordings are a great way to support Taylor Swift as an artist, they also signify a nostalgic memory for many fans.