To All The Boys: Always And Forever


The romantic comedy third sequel, “To All The Boys: Always And Forever”, was released on Feb. 12 following the first two movies, “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” and “To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You”. The plot follows Lara Jean Covey (Lana Condor) and Peter Kravinsky (Noah Centineo) and their journey on finding and staying in love throughout high school; however, the newer Netflix original is based around the couple’s senior year. The fear of long distance and struggles of staying together during college is the weight dragging the couple down in this sequel. 

Throughout her senior year, Lara Jean constantly battles between following what would be best for her relationship rather than what is best for herself. With receiving college decisions, planning her father’s wedding and seeing New York for the first time, Lara Jean has a lot on her plate but always wants to put her relationship with Peter first.

Many of the twists and turns that happen in the movie can be predictable. For instance, in the beginning of the movie, Lara Jean hopes she will be accepted into Stanford which is where Peter is attending. The couple has hopes of staying together for the next four years of their lives. 

Just in many books, shows and movies, Stanford rejects Lara Jean from her desired school and faces not wanting to upset Peter and going to another college. Lara Jean waits to tell Peter the truth leading him to think that they are going to Stanford together. 

For a senior trip, the high school takes the students to New York. During the trip, Lara Jean opens up to Peter about being rejected from Stanford. After telling the truth, she mentions attending Berkeley, which is only an hour away. That is only before Lara Jean becomes conflicted once again when she falls in love with New York City. 

Many young adults can relate to the plot and struggles that the movie talks about. The movie includes topics like choosing a future college, juggling relationship problems and dealing with loss of a loved one. 

Although To All The Boys: Always And Forever can be predictable, it is a must watch if one enjoys high school romances. Follow Lara Jean and her journey to finding which college she will end up attending and if her relationship with Peter will crumble or stay always and forever.