Molly Weiand Commits to Assumption University

Kathryn Maclean, Assistant Sports Editor

Captain Molly Weiand played for the Walpole’s girls varsity lacrosse team throughout her high school career as a starting midfielder. On Dec 13, 2019, Weiand signed the papers to officially commit to Assumption University where she will play Division II lacrosse. 

“After playing lacrosse for nine years, I couldn’t see myself stopping the sport,” Weiand said. “It has always been a part of my life and I wanted to continue that.”

Not only did Weiand dedicate her high school years to lacrosse, but played the sport at a higher level outside of school for a club called Laxachusetts where she competed on their top teams. Between Laxachusettes and the Walpo

le’s varsity team, Weiand was playing lacrosse year round. 

“My dad has always been my biggest supporter, he had been coaching me since I was little and he played a big part in pushing me to become a better player,” Weiand said. “I’m so grateful for everything he has done throughout the years.”

(Photo/ Molly Weiand)

While playing for Walpole, Weiand helped the team win many season games and compete with neighboring rivals in tight matches. The varsity team has qualified for the division playoffs for the past couple of seasonsan achievement Weiand considers to be the highlight of her high school career. 

“Getting the chance to make it so far into the playoffs every year have been my favorite moments,” Weiand said. “It’s a chance to play amazing competition alongside my teammates.” 

For the next four years, Weiand looks forward to exploring the Assumption campus and community while she attends the school and finding something that she feels academically passionate about to base her future around. She plans on prioritizing the goals she has set for herself and making as many friends possible along the way.

“I’m also excited to bond with my new team,” Weiand said. “I noticed the atmosphere was very positive and they acted like one big family. I’m looking to make the best out of the next four years on the field.”