How To Make Journaling More Interesting And Unique

Caroline Applin, Layout Editor

Keeping a weekly journal is said to improve mental health and make one more organized; however, simply writing in a notebook can be dull. How can one’s journal be organized, interesting and unique? Tiktok has brought many new creative paths to viewers of any interest in art. The new trend on some people’s “For You” page is revamping journaling. Will these new ideas become a part of your own journal?


Poems can be as few words as three or as many as 3,000. Short, yet meaningful, sentences can make a huge difference when journaling. Adding these small poems can express one’s emotions well without being time consuming. Try quoting a poem found online or write one. Poems have no right or wrong answer whether they have a deep message, or no message at all. Writing these poems can also express how one is feeling without actually saying it. 

Fashion Illustrations

Croquis are blank, rough preliminary sketches used to create clothing designs. If one has an interest in fashion and design, these drawings can enhance one’s talent and are simply fun. From summer outfits to winter outfits, try putting together a collection of different pieces. 


Drawing anything on a blank piece of paper requires thought and a plan. Start by choosing one image to draw over and over again weekly, but in different ways. This technique can show growth by seeing how different the drawings are weekly. Additionally, making the drawings personal and relevant to how one is feeling that week shows patterns or growth as well.

Cut Paper and Collage

There are many directions in which journaling with collage can go, including picture collages. Take a bunch of pictures and lay them out on the page. The photos can be from that week or from a while ago. Write descriptions to the side on where and when the picture was taken, who is in the photo and anything that reminds one of this day. Another collage is a color collage, where one can choose a color and collage several photos of that shade. Try choosing a color that gravitates towards one that week or day. This will help personalize the page and make it more meaningful.

TV Shows and Movies

Additionally to collage and cut paper, taking one’s favorite movie or TV show to one page can get interesting. Take one quote or summary of a film or series and write or glue it on the page. Then cut out scenes and characters and put them around the page. The page can be about just one character or a whole movie. To create a unique part on the page, write about how the story relates to how one is today or why one hated or enjoyed it. 


Just like movies and TV, books are great to layout on a page. With owned books, one can rip out a page or write a quote. Without any visuals, one has more imagination on what to put around the cut page or written quote. Finding symbols in the literature can embody what the book is actually about. 

It can be hard to set aside a time to journalize each week or night and sometimes one just forgets. However, journaling is worth the time spent whether it is an hour or two minutes. A study from The University of Rochester Medical Center has shown that journaling can improve mental health, manage anxiety and keep track of how one is feeling or simply interested in. Try out these creative ways to make the next journal interesting to write in.