AJR Releases Unique New Album “OK Orchestra”

Katerina Gebhardt, Entertainment Editor

The brothers Adam, Jack and Ryan Met have never shied away from innovative and creative sounds when creating music for their band AJR. Throughout each of their albums, they have experimented with new production techniques and have created even deeper lyrics and meanings for their songs, and their newest album is no different. On March 26, AJR released their fourth studio album, “OK Orchestra,” and it has so far received critical acclaim and has been rising on numerous global charts. AJR has reached new heights with “OK Orchestra,” an album that showcases their creativity and skill in a way like no other. 

“OK Orchestra” mixes modern sounds with that of a classic Broadway show, creating an album that sounds like one whole show rather than a collection of individual songs. While this format is not unusual for AJR, this album is perhaps their best, as it almost tells a story throughout the album with both the lyrics and the music itself. From the “Ok Overture” to the finale “Christmas in June,” AJR creates a magical soundscape that draws the listener in and keeps them hooked from start to finish. 

Additionally, AJR’s lyrical prowess shines throughout the album, with each song holding its own deeper meaning. Some of the songs take multiple listens to be able to understand the meaning, creating a rewarding feeling once the listener understands the meaning. For example, “My Play” sounds at first like a simple childhood memory, but upon another listen, the song reveals itself to be about a child experiencing the divorce of their parents. 

While “OK Orchestra” features incredibly deep and meaningful lyrics, there are only a few songs that feature upbeat messages and lyrics, making the album much more serious than the band’s previous albums. “Bummerland” and “Adventure Is Out There” are the only songs that feature happier lyrics, but even they have a more serious deeper meaning. However, AJR balances their serious songs out with peppy and vibrant music, creating a fascinating effect of a mixture between serious lyrics and cheery music. 

In addition, “OK Orchestra,” includes the interesting feature of the Blue Man Group on the album. AJR is notoriously very picky about who they choose to feature on their albums, as they have said that they want to keep their fans guessing and do not want their fans to be able to guess what the song might sound like from the title or any features that might be included. The Blue Man Group contributed to the song “Ordinaryish People,” and they certainly help keep the promise of an unexpected sound that AJR guarantees with each song. 

Overall, AJR has created a lyrical and musical masterpiece with their new album. “OK Orchestra” creates a fantastic and immersive experience that will surely stand the test of time. Through its Broadway influences and its meaningful lyrics, “OK Orchestra” is truly an album to remember.