Tips for the Transition Back to Full In-Person School


It seems like a lot of people lost a bit of motivation when learning remotely; however, remote learning is no longer an issue. Students are back in school for the full five days. To get back into the full in person school rhythm, try staying on top of one’s work and set aside a time to start homework. Planners are a great way to see when assignments are due and get a head start on studying for a test the next week. 

Work space

As said in previous articles, a quiet and focused workspace can improve learning and motivation. To start the new term, reorganize one’s desk without having too much clutter. Whether the desk has one lamp or as many things as one needs, the desk should be a place one feels comfortable sitting at and can get work done. 

Stay cautious

Even though a lot of people have had vaccines and it is beginning to seem like a safer environment in school, keeping oneself cautious is best. Use hand sanitizer more often and clean off the desk which is going to be given to another student the next class. Keeping up the attitude of cleanliness can get rid of any germs, not just COVID-19. Washing one’s hands whenever possible is favorable because combining with the other cohort could spark more germs on desks. Secondly, keeping a three feet distance is the new mark in schools. Desks will be three feet apart and masks are still worn. 

Extra help

Now that everyone is in school each day, it is easier to get extra help. If one has questions or a test the next day, staying after is much easier, so take advantage of it. Rather than scheduling a Google Meet, staying after school with a teacher for even just five minutes to clarify a difficult concept or question is helpful.