The Searchlight Seniors’ Favorite Memories From Elementary School To High School

As this 2021 school year starts to wind down, memories from the past rush in. Although most seniors are thrilled to move onto college, many are going to miss the memories they have made throughout their 12 years of elementary and secondary education. Some of The Searchlight staff’s most memorable moments are as follows:

Elementary School

Although elementary school was a pretty long time ago, the five years of school seem like it was just yesterday. Elementary school is mostly revolved around fun activities that allow kids to let loose and find out a little about who they are. 

Out of those fun activities was baking. Almost all of the schools offered baking projects, breakfasts, and decorating. Anna Smith says her favorite memory from elementary school “was the pancake breakfast [at Old Post Road School] because my grandparents came and met my friends.” 

Liz Hinton and Erin Foley both share their favorite memory, that being baking pumpkin muffins with their second grade teacher. In addition to being delicious, baking back then sparked their interest to bake today. 

Field day is always a huge part of the fun in elementary school.

“I remember [the field days] being so fun, and how exciting it would be to cheer on your team. It was something we looked forward to every year, and it was such a care-free time where we could just be kids and let loose,” said Amy Gordon. 

Middle School

As long as it seems, the three years go by fast when there is camp, field trips, musicals, talent shows, and so much more. Many of the seniors said the spring musicals were their favorite memory from middle school, which were run by Mr. Cuzzi. 

Gordon additionally states that “although auditioning in front of people was scary, it was a great opportunity to make new friends through the cast. The rehearsals always took up a lot of time after school, but they were fun especially when you were with your friends.”

In 6th grade, the class was taken to a camp called Alton Jones. Coming from two different elementary schools is difficult and a new step, but this overnight trip brought the students closer together and something they would never forget. 

“I loved camp in 6th grade because my cabin was so much fun and we stayed in bunk beds. We also got field groups in which we grew so close… When it rained we got to do activities indoors and on the final day the whole grade came together to play predator prey, [a game similar to manhunt] which was very exciting.” says Casey Ball. 

Harry Murphy states he “really enjoyed that trip because [he] got to spend time with friends that [he] may not have known otherwise or spent time with.”

High School

High school is normally the place where the most memories are made and carried with students to the future. With a grade a part of the pandemic, a lot of activities were canceled; however memories were still made despite online learning and social distancing. 

Renee Abbott says she can not forget performing in her sophomore year for the Walpole High Dance Company, hanging out after and growing a strong bond with the other dancers.

Ball expresses her favorite memory being the student council fall yard cleanup and the film festival. The films were so well done and interesting to her.  

Sports teams also played a huge role in making high school a memorable place. Teams are about friendship, working together, hard work and staying healthy. Murphy says he enjoyed his time spent with the cross country and track teams. 


Teachers are also a huge part of a student’s educational journey. Every teacher has the ability to make a difference on even just one student.

When asked who their overall favorite teacher was, many students chose Mr. Salmans who is an English teacher at Walpole High School. 

“Mr. Salmans because he always wanted what is best for his students and taught lessons that applied to the real world,” says Hinton. 

Abbott adds that Salmans made school less stressful and more fun by telling funny stories and empathizing with students. One could look forward to his class. 

Other teachers like Ms. O’malley, Mr. Alan and Mr. Bakale were very memorable in the students’ years at Walpole High. 

Foley emphasizes that “Ms. Kerr definitely made [her] senior year better and feel more “normal” through her positive and caring attitude. She really cares about not only her students’ education but their lives outside of school which makes [Foley] enjoy coming into school even as a second semester senior with major senioritis.”

“Mr Mcluskey made junior year so fun and funny and I always looked forward to his class. There was never a class when we didn’t laugh or joke around but we also got things done. Even though I had him last year, he still says hi to me everytime I pass him. He made latin so much more fun and a class I will definitely remember beyond my time here. Also the class grew so close and we all are such good friends now,” says Ball. 

Personally, there are so many teachers who taught me certain life lessons and left a mark on my educational years. They all share the same attribute of being insightful, caring, friendly and overall a great teacher. 

Each student has made a memory that will always be a part of their life and a grateful thing to always look back on. The real world is approaching for The Searchlight seniors and new memories are soon to pile up on these ones.