Olivia Rodrigo Releases New Single “Good 4 U”

Olivia Rodrigo is an 18 year old actress, singer and songwriter. Her first single, “Driver’s License” was released Jan 8, 2021, just before that same single hit number one in only a week. Following the announcement of her debut album, “SOUR,” Rodrigo released “Deja Vu” and two months later, “Good 4 U,” which remains number one on the global Spotify chart. The pop and indie album will be released everywhere on Friday, May 21, 2021. 

The “Good 4 U” music video portrays Rodrigo’s heartbreak and revenge as she stands in a burning and flooded bedroom. In most of the scenes, she wears a light blue cheerleading uniform with long black gloves. Fans speculate that the video reflects the horror/comedy 2009 film, “Jennifer’s Body” which stars Megan Fox, to whom people believe Rodrigo plays in her music video. The video now has over 32 million views and is number one trending on YouTube.

The “Good 4 U” lyrics revolve around someone’s heartbreak in which the other person moved on quickly and did not care at all about their relationship. Her first two singles revolved around Rodrigo’s breakup with Joshua Bassett and his new girlfriend, Sabrina Carpenter.


Many people seem to be loving the new hit as it is the perfect time to release a breakup album right before summer. What makes her songs so good are the fact that people can relate to the lyrics, a similar situation, or just loving the beat and epic bridges. Tiktok has also been in the loop having “Good 4 U” as one of their viral sounds and trends. 

Rodrigo’s vocals are not a shock to the world as she has sung on the hit Disney Plus series, “High School Musical The Musical The Series;” however, when she sings live, her talent shines through by sounding exactly like she does on YouTube. Recently, Rodrigo performed “Good 4 U” on Saturday Night Live receiving major positive feedback.

With three hit singles that all reached the Top Hits list, Rodrigo’s debut album “SOUR,” is sure to be a favorite and predictably break multiple records all by winning many awards.