The Rise Of The 2021 Fall Aesthetics


As summer comes to an end, the fall aesthetic quickly takes over with the new school year. The change in weather uplifts a new mood and vibe that brings a sense of new beginnings to all who cherish the season.Along with those new beginnings comes a different wardrobe than any other season. For any fall lovers out there reading this, buckle up for a season full of pumpkin spice lattes and start of school year stress.

Let’s set the scene–It is Sunday and a family decides to go apple picking. Someone may throw on jeans and a sweater and head outside to see the leaves on the trees have turned red and orange and it is about 70 degrees outside. When arriving at the apple picking farm, the kids decided to buy glasses of apple cider and donuts and head on their way. When apple picking is over the family head back home to watch the Patriots play. The fresh picked apples have now turned into a delicious apple pie, finishing the night off strong. The crisp autumn morning air reminds everyone to wake up and start the day fresh.

There are so many activities that come with the Fall season; browsing on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram can help inspire fun activities. Aside from school and sports, this season can be really fun. In Walpole, and surrounding towns, there are many farms that hold all sorts of activities and games such as hayrides, farm animals, picking fruit, corn mazes, and much more. Wards Berry Farm in Sharon is a big attraction to locals during this time of year. Farms just give off a Fall vibe; they have such a rustic charm to them. They are such a big attraction during this season especially because it is harvest season.

As we transition into fall, we put aside our sundresses and shorts and take out our sweaters and leggings. Unlike other seasons, autumn has a very specific genre. Clothing such as flannels and comfy sweaters make a comeback during this season. There is nothing better than waking up in the morning and throwing on a big sweater, leggings, and some themed socks. Stores like Marshalls and TJmaxx are already setting up their fall collections with candles, pajamas, blankets, etc

The fall season as a whole brings change mentally and physically around us. To many, it is just the season of the school year starting, but for others it is a season that resembles new beginnings.