Valentines Day Activities With Friends


Although it is known as the holiday for couples, Valentine’s Day can still be celebrated and enjoyed by all of the single people out there too. This holiday is often spent sitting at home scrolling through social media, envying all the happy couples who are celebrating the day. So why not celebrate with friends, who have been there for all the breakups. 

A spa day is the perfect way to relax and unwind with some friends and ignore the loneliness of Valentine’s Day. Invite some friends and have a total self-care day together! Break out the pink and red nail polishes and give each other some fun Valentines-themed manicures. You can also buy some cute face masks and chocolate, and have a day of relaxation. Make the night even better with a movie marathon, everyone loves a classic Hallmark movie to get in the Valentine’s mood. Enjoy each other’s company, and watch your stress melt away!
Although winter weather may be cold and dull, it is perfect for a bonfire with friends. Wear some comfy pajamas, bring some blankets, and light up those fire pits. Everyone can gather around and share stories and fun memories together. Do not forget to bring food, celebrate the cold season with some hot chocolate or make smores over the fire. A bonfire is the perfect time to unplug, you can even incorporate some star-gazing to really complete the night. 

Food is always crucial to the celebration of any holiday, including Valentine’s Day. It allows people to connect with each other and share their appreciation. A very popular activity across social media recently known as “Dip Night” is a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Have everyone make their own dip, and then do a taste-testing party. Social media such as Instagram, Tik Tok and Pinterest all have a wide array of dip recipes that are all very unique and sure to be delicious. A few popular examples being funfetti dip, buffalo chicken dip, s’mores dip and many more. Friends can share their recipes and ideas with each other. 

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to tap into your inner artist, with a creative night. A painting night is always a fun and unique idea, have everyone bring a canvas, lay out some paints and brushes, turn on some music and let the creativity flow. Although this may be one of the more expensive ideas, it is a fun experience and a great way to celebrate Valentines a little more untraditionally. Or, if painting is not your thing, card-making is always acceptable for any holiday. Break out the pink and red construction paper and make some cards for family or friends to show your appreciation. 

Valentine’s Day does not have to be exclusively celebrated by couples. With these fun ideas, anyone can enjoy the holiday no matter their relationship status.