Lana Del Rey Releases Euphoric “Watercolor Eyes” Single


Appearing on the second season soundtrack of HBO’s hit TV show, “Euphoria,” Lana Del Rey’s new single, “Watercolor Eyes” was released on Jan. 21. As hinted at its release on Jan. 10 when snippets of the song were leaked, “Watercolor Eyes” making its appearance has audiences and fans streaming the song. Many believe it will reach high in the charts because of Del Rey being named as the artist with the most Number one Albums on Billboard’s Alternative Albums Chart.

 The song was teased in a preview for the third episode of the latest season. The emotional lyrics coincide with the feelings of the characters, specifically what Rue and Jules are going through. “Watercolor Eyes” features lyrics like “breaking up with me then making up,” hinting at how Rue and Jules’ relationship got rocky at the end of season one. With the addition of the new character, Elliot, their relationship is getting even more unstable throughout the second season.

The song, appearing in the ending credits moreover alludes to Maddy, Cassie and Nate, who are in a sort of toxic love triangle. Specifically, the line “young love don’t always last forever” implies Nate’s budding reconciliation with Maddy is toxic and going to later cause problems in the show. “Watercolor Eyes” itself is a symbol for the glittery eye makeup used frequently that appears to tear down characters’ faces.

Similar to Del Rey’s other songs, “Watercolor Eyes” has slow and vulnerable lyrics, such as her 2014 album “Ultraviolence.” Both have a deeply emotional connection with the listener and the delicate track of “Watercolor Eyes” leaves a powerful impact with the lyrics of “I think you taste like rock candy.” These lyrics reference the album “Rock Candy Sweet” which was delayed and released as “Blue Banisters” in October 2021. 

The euphoric vibes of “Watercolor Eyes” acts as a suitable end to the episode. “Watercolor Eyes” not only has lyrics coinciding with characters’ emotions, but the melancholy and solemn sound creates the ideal mood for “Euphoria.” Many seem to be enjoying Del Rey’s latest release and hope to see another new release as part of the “Euphoria” soundtrack.