Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg Star in “Uncharted”


Based on a video game series, “Uncharted”, released on Feb. 18 , is successful in showing the adventure behind a high-stake treasure hunt. This action-packed movie revolves around a treasure hunt that Victor Sullivan aka Sully (Mark Wahlburg) and Nate Davis (Tom Holland) embark on after Nate’s brother, Sam (Rudy Pankow), was not able to complete the mission and find the gold.  

In the beginning of the movie, Victor Sullivan finds Nate working at a bar when he pitches the idea of working together to find the gold that has been lost for hundreds of years. At first, Nate declines but eventually agrees because his brother, who left Nate when he was a teenager, also had an interest in finding the lost treasure. In order to find the five billion dollars worth of gold, they must be able to out-smart Santiago Moncada (Antonio Banderas), who is willing to do anything to be the one who finds the gold. 

In order to solve the mystery, the La Cruz De La Hermandad Cross was their first clue, but they had to steal it from an auction, along with the diary of the famous explorer Juan Sebastian Elcano. Causing a scene, they were able to successfully steal the cross and leave the building without getting caught. The two met up with Chloe Frazer (Sophia Ali) in Barcelona. She held possession of the other cross that could help them solve the clues from the diary. 

Although the storyline was full of adventure, the plot twists were often predictable and unable to keep the audience interested in what is going to happen. There were many scenes of fighting between characters where you could figure out how it was going to end. The final scene was also one that is often used in the movies and did not have the jaw-dropping effect it should have. Due to the likable cast, it made the film easier to watch but it does not overshadow the mediocre adventure plot. The action scenes often ended the same but because of the unreliability of Sully throughout the movie, it is one of the only things to hold the audience’s attention because it is hard to predict what the character will do. 

Throughout the movie, Sully is depicted as a selfish character that will do anything to make sure he gets the gold, showing a small villainous side, but at the end of the film, he had to make the decision of choosing between saving the gold or saving Nate’s life. Going against his initial morals, he decided to save Nate. Although this was a breakthrough moment for the character, it was not surprising because of the bond he had formed with Nate since the beginning of the movie. “Uncharted” was an average film but they successfully showed the audience an adventure-packed film with likable characters that is enjoyable to audiences of all ages.