Coach Sprague Wins Her 100th Game

A team often overlooked at Walpole High, girls softball has a record of 10-1 this spring season, ranking first in the Bay State League Herget Division. Many of this success can be attributed to the head varsity softball coach, Rachael Sprague. After 12 seasons of coaching, 9 as varsity coach, she has achieved 100 wins.

On Friday, April 29, Coach Sprague got her 100th win when the girls faced Oliver Ames, winning 14-0. It was a small milestone in what she hopes to be a long career. Coach Sprague says that the reason they are successful is because of the combination of strong upperclassmen returners as well as younger rookie players, who have a lot of raw talent. 

Overall, these girls just work so hard. They always want more fly balls, more grounders, more swings, more throws,” Coach Sprague said. “They know what their strengths are and where they need improvement. Every player has their role on the team each day and is committed to the best for the team as a whole and not themselves individually. That sort of team chemistry and selflessness can take us a long way!”

Senior captains Catie Powderly and Ella Thomsen credit their success to Coach Sprague as she has taught them everything they know about softball and being a team player. They both agree that Coach Sprague really cares about all of the girls, which is why they have such a close knit team. 

“Coach Sprague cares about each of her players so much and by doing that has taught us to take care of each other and pick each other up when we are down,” Thomsen said. “She has taught me every mechanic I needed to become a better softball player and has turned a normal sport into a family.”

Coach Sprague also credits part of the team’s success to a few standout players, including Powderly, starting shortstop, and Thomsen, starting center fielder. She explains how both their confidence in the field and at the plate inspires their teammates each day and makes them better. The team has four pitchers this year, one of which is freshman Sharlotte Stazinski.

“Sharlotte Stazinski has earned the win in the majority of our games this season and just recently threw her first no-hitter against one of the top-ranked teams in the state! We are lucky to have every player on the roster contribute and have an impact on the success of the team,” Coach Sprague said.

So far, the only team the girls have lost to is Abington 3-2, early in the season. The second time they played them a few weeks later, they came back eager for revenge and won 12-0. With their success so far in this season, the team has a good chance at making playoffs and doing well in it.

“Our team as a whole has been working really well together and we rally together in some hard games to get the win,” Powderly said. “I think we have a good chance of winning Bay States as well as going far in playoffs.”