The Searchlight’s Playlist for Summer 2022

The Searchlight Staff

With the school year wrapping up and the weather getting warmer, summer of 2022 is rapidly approaching. Plenty of free time and activities to check off your summer checklist calls for one thing: a playlist. The summertime calls for a new soundtrack, one filled with good vibrations and songs that put you in a great mood. For the up- coming season, The Searchlight staff compiled some of our favorite songs in a sum- mer playlist, one perfect for those beach trips, late nights, and anything else. With artists like Khalid, Frank Ocean, and many more, this playlist sets a perfect back- drop for the summer of 2022. The playlist is packed full of amazing songs that put you in a great mood for a season with fewer responsibilities, no school, and plenty of memories to make. So take a listen, enjoy yourself, and have a great summer!