Massachusetts State Election: Candidate Guide


Graphic/Kristyn Dentremont

This fall, Massachusetts holds the state elections for representatives to Congress, governor, and other state government positions. As seniors begin to turn 18 years old, not only are they officially an adult, but their responsibilities as American citizens also expand into voting. That being said, numerous students do not know how to vote or who would align with their views. Voting season began on Tuesday, Sept. 6 with the state primaries and will culminate on Nov. 8 with the state election. 

 Although the fall, specifically Nov., is often the voting season, the positions that are voted on vary each year. Every four years, the next year being 2024, there are national elections for U.S. Congress and Senate as well as national elections for president. The state election terms and timing varies by state. For Massachusetts, every four years, the next year being 2022, there are state elections for state positions such as governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, and secretary of state. State congressmen have two year terms and state senators have six year terms; however, not all congressmen and senators’ terms align so they do not re-run the same years. As a part of state elections, there are also referendum questions that arise from petitions that receive enough votes from state citizens. Prior to the Nov. state elections, there are state primaries to vote who will represent each party in Nov.—which is what occurred last Tuesday. In the primaries, voters only vote within the party they belong to. For example, if a voter is a Republican, they will only vote between the two Republican candidates for governor and not the Democratic candidates. 

The Massachusetts Governor is the highest official at the state level. Massachusetts will have a new Governor for the first time in eight years as the current governor, Republican Charlie Baker, has been in office for eight years. 

The Republican candidate for governor is Geoff Diehl and is originally from Pennsylvania, attended Lehigh University for college, and is a former Massachusetts State Representative. He plans to improve education, further economic development including for small businesses and upgrade infrastructure. Here is his campaign website:

The Democratic candidate for governor is Maura Healy. She is a Massachusetts native who played basketball at Harvard University. She has been the Massachusetts attorney general for the past eight years. Healy plans to protect reproductive freedom, expand job opportunities, and protect voting rights. If Healy is elected, she will be the first female and first LGBTQ Governor of Massachusetts. Here is her campaign website:

The Massachusetts attorney general is between the Republican candidate James McMahon and Democratic candidate Andrea Campbell. The Massachusetts secretary of state position is between the Republican candidate Rayla Campbell and Democratic candidate William Galvin. With other positions up for election, voters can do research prior to voting in order to vote for the candidate that aligns most with their ideas.