“Don’t Worry Darling” Drama Overshadows Film Release


Photo/ Rolling Stone

Ciara Foley, A&E Editor

Since the premiere at Venice Film Festival on Sept. 5, Don’t Worry Darling has been making headlines all over the world, but not for any reason most would assume. Starring Dunkirk’s Harry Styles and Black Widow’s Florence Pugh, the two and their co-workers have been speculated to have tension since the beginning of filming, back in 2020. Director Olivia Wilde has worked tirelessly to keep the drama under wraps, but with payment issues, replacements, and friendship fallouts, it will be difficult to keep headlines away for a while. 


Since gaining fame from Britain’s Got Talent at age sixteen, Styles has gone from being ⅕ of boy band One Direction to expanding his resume. His second film, Styles is able to expand his acting experience thanks to the director herself, Wilde. Originally, Shia LeBeouf was set to play Jack Chambers next to Florence Pugh, until he was said to have been fired because of “combative energy” on set, allowing Wilde to give the role to Styles, her alleged boyfriend at the time. Recently, screenshots of exchanges between LeBeouf and Wilde confirmed that Wilde had been lying to the media about his leave, the truth being that he left due to the small rehearsal times and found difficulty with it. 


Now with Styles to fill in as a side to the Pugh, another problem rose between Pugh and Styles—Styles was said to be paid three times more than Pugh, the lead actress. While it’s no secret Styles’ presence will most definitely bring fans into theaters, many were angered by the fact that Pugh, an Academy Award nominee, was being paid less than Styles, a pop singer with little acting experience. Wilde had confirmed, however, that this was clickbait as she stated in an interview with Variety magazine how the amount of rumors and clickbait that spreads upsets her, considering her amount of experience in the industry as well. 


Adding on to the tension, fans of Pugh have also been questioning her dedication for the movie. Throughout the entire process, Pugh has done very little to promote the movie, rather posting a bit on social media than showing up to in-person events. Skipping multiple press conferences due to what was claimed to be filming in Hungary for Dune: Part Two, fans have different theories as Styles, Wilde, and Pugh were not seen interacting at all during the Venice Film Festival. The premiere showed multiple photos of co-stars standing in between the three, not allowing any to even glance at another. Considering Harry and Florence are the two leads, many found it strange that they did not interview together, let alone take a picture together. 


Despite all the drawbacks, numerous are very excited to see Pugh and Styles back on the big screen again. The psychological thriller, taking place in the 50s, leaves fans anticipating for the unique film to drop. The movie is set to be about a housewife, Alice Chambers, that suspects her husband and her perfect world is not all that it seems, as disturbing secrets begin to unravel themselves. Set in an utopian California town, the film is premiering on Sept. 23.