Colleen Hoover’s “Verity” Thrills Readers


Colleen Hoover has been a hot name circulating social media lately, taking the reading world by storm. Readers have flocked to her romance novels, and are anxiously awaiting the release of the sequel to her number one best seller, “It Ends With Us”. Although romance novels may not be for everyone, Hoover is versatile, with her second most popular novel being a romance and thriller combination, “Verity” leaves readers shocked and begging for more.

“Verity” sends chills down the reader’s spine, with a perfect balance of passion and fear. The main character, Lowen Ashleigh, is a struggling writer, fighting to make ends meet and waiting for her big break. Jeremy Crawford is the husband of Verity Crawford, a well-known author. When a sudden car accident leaves her paralyzed and nonverbal, she is unable to finish the last book in her series and Jeremy searches for someone to finish her series. He scouts out Lowen early on, planning to hire her, and when a freak accident leads to their first interaction, he knows she is the one for the job. Lowen then moves into the Crawford’s house, although she is hesitant at first, Jeremy assures her that the move-in is essential for her to understand how Verity thinks. 

Being unable to interview the author, Lowen must dig into Verity’s life in order to understand her thinking process and end the series the same way Verity would have. A few days after moving in with the Crawfords, Lowen discovers a manuscript of Verity’s autobiography buried in her office. She knows she should respect Verity’s privacy and focus on finishing the series, but the curiosity is overwhelming and she finds herself unable to stay out of the manuscript. Expecting to read typical stories from the account of a mother and author, Lowen is shocked as she continues reading the manuscript, learning Verity is not everything she has been made out to be. Lowen notices an uncomfortable tension in the air of the environment of the house since learning such personal information about Verity and now looks to get out of the house as soon as possible. Lowen uncovers more details regarding the family’s past in the manuscript, and feels further endangered the longer she stays. Lowen must choose to either listen to her instincts and get out, or ignore her suspicions and finish the series like she was intended to. The longer Lowen stays the closer she becomes with Jeremy and his son Crew, and soon takes on a greater role than just finishing the series. Her strong bond with the family increases her desire to discover the truth about Verity, and finish reading the manuscript. 

 This book satisfies readers with a blend of lies, deceit, infidelity, fear, lust, and false perception working together in this complex and twisting story. The lines between true and false and right and wrong blend, leaving readers shocked and torn, unable to decide who can be trusted and who can not.