Google Keep Allows For Easier Organization

Most high school students know the basic Google applications used in almost every school day such as Google Classroom, Google Documents and Google Drive. An extremely useful but not as popular application is Google Keep. This is an application that many people can benefit from in terms of organization and structure. 

Google Keep acts as an online planner where users can create separate sticky notes to organize different topics. Within each topic, users can create a list of points as one would on a normal paper planner. The main beneficial factor about Google Keep is that it is extremely convenient as it is mainly accessed online. Students have been taught to write things down in order to remember them better, Google Keep can be used on computers and downloaded on phones, making it extremely accessible. Many people have their phones on them constantly, so having an online assignment notebook that can be accessed almost anytime is useful for organization. 

Different functions of Google Keep include creating separate sticky notes for different topics, using check-boxes to note when something gets done and colorizing each note to help things stay noticeably organized. More substantial organization skills include setting reminders, pinning important notes and having the option to archive notes in case they are needed for later use, rather than completely deleting it. 

There are many ways to personalize a Google Keep account but the basic idea is to do what is most beneficial for the user. One idea is to create a note for day-to-day to-do lists to help remember things that need to get done on a specific day as well as using the check-boxes to check off when the points get completed. Similarly, creating a homework list including the subject and assignments that need to get done that night is especially helpful for students especially with time management and organization. Another idea, especially for seniors going through the stressful college process, is to create a note specifically for college. Whenever there is a deadline that needs to be remembered, or questions arise that need to be asked to guidance counselors, it can all be written down in one place. In order to stay organized when it comes to upcoming quizzes, tests or long term assignments, creating a separate note for these specific areas would help separate tasks that urgently need to get done from other assignments that have more time to be completed. Lastly, as the first quarter ends and school begins to pick up, creating a note with goals for the week would act as a personal mental health check-in and help make self-care a priority for oneself even in times of stress. 

Google Keep promotes that long-term organization through its simplicity, accessibility and user friendly application.