The Thrilling Micheal Myers Movie Trilogy Concludes in “Halloween Ends”

The Michael Myers Halloween trilogy and franchise comes to an end in the last movie, “Halloween Ends”. Though this movie received an immense amount of criticism from fans, it managed to overpower the box office as the #1 release for over a week, making an extensive $41 million.

The second movie of the trilogy, “Halloween Kills”, ends with a weak Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney) and the death of Laurie’s (Jamie Lee Curtis) daughter Karen. In”Halloween Ends”, Laurie is still mourning the death of her daughter while writing a book about her experience with Micheal Myers. The story begins with a man who kills the kid he is babysitting accidentally. The murderer is named Corey Cunningham who lives his life as a known murderous babysitter. His breaking point is when Cunningham is attacked by a group of high school students. The attack results in him being thrown off a bridge where he is dragged into the sewer and he comes face to face with the infamous murderer, Micheal Myers. An interesting twist here is that instead of being killed on the spot, he is bonded with Myers.Ultimately leading to Corey Cunningham being a part of “Micheal Myers” which begins a gory killing spree. Though he has began a romantic relationship with Laurie’s granddaughter, Allyson it is not enough to stop Cunningham from murdering everyone in his sight.

Later in the movie, Cunningham comes to Laurie’s house and kills himself in front of her just as Allyson walks in, who then believes Laurie killed him. After she leaves, Micheal Myers arrives to finish off his killing spree at her house and a suspenseful fight breaks out. After back and forth fighting from Laurie and Micheal with help from Allyson, the infamous Micheal Myers is killed. To make sure he is really gone forever, the town brings him to a metal crusher to finish Myers off, and Haddenfield is finally free.

Fans believe this ending trilogy did not do the franchise any justice with its predictable plot points and randomly scattered characters. This movie does have heart- stopping jump scares that make it an exciting movie but if someones looking for a good movie plot wise this would not be the movie to watch. The killing scenes in this movie were thrilling but unrealistic.

Most fans tuned in to see the iconic Micheal Myers on screen one last time and though this movie has received lots of criticism it is a very good movie to see to get some excitement for the Halloween season. Director David Green defended his movie thoroughly after fans specifically said they did not like the new character Corey Cunningham. 

“For every bite of backlash, you also get people that are thanking you for taking it to a new place and keeping it alive and full of love,” Green said in an interview with MovieMaker.