Piercings and Tattoos Provide an Outlet for Self Expression

Liv Carney, Staff Writer

While piercings and tattoos are seen as a form of expression, some people believe there is a certain age to get piercings and tattoos. The main concerns include not wanting people to have a different perception due to piercings.  

 Seeing teenagers and young adults with multiple piercings and tattoos may give some people a certain image in their head. Getting piercings or tattoos at a young age presents young people in a bad light to adults as adults have a negative connotation associated with such body alterations.. While some people express themselves in the form of clothes and accessories, piercings and tattoos are just another way of expression and showing your personality. The thought process behind getting a new piercing may be that it’s something new and could look cool. No matter the reason, they are usually not done with bad intentions or to be distracting. Although people have different opinions on piercings & tattoos, they should not prevent individuals from opportunities, like a job.  In the workforce, piercings and tattoos can be seen as unprofessional, especially the more that a person has. Truthfully, people who have a negative view and mindset on piercings and tattoos probably will not change their mind based on the age of the person. 

The reasons that people get tattoos vary due to personal preference. It could be to honor a passed on loved one, a symbol with significant meaning, the name of a child or loved one, or maybe even just a design you found interesting. Depending on jobs or internships, one may be asked to cover up  tattoos as some people may not see them as professional. When it comes to piercings, people may have similar ideas on this. Similar to tattoos, piercings can be a good way  to express oneself, but in a less permanent way than getting a tattoo. Piercings can be taken out or changed while a tattoo is there forever. 

In a way, tattoos and piercings can be a way for one to understand and get to know someone in a deeper sense. By finding out the reasons behind any tattoos or piercings they may have, it can help you learn about the person more. Although some people view these in an unprofessional way, it can be turned into a positive or a new way to strike up a conversation with someone. Instead of viewing these as a negative, learn to make them a positive. It can be a way to learn more about someone and learn the reasons why they like to express oneself.