The 1975 Releases “Being Funny In A Foreign Language”

On Oct. 14, The 1975 released its latest album “Being Funny In A Foreign Language,” following a two year hiatus after their last album release in 2020. Including eleven new songs, the album acted as their premiere release from a long break, with songs gaining popularity on TikTok and other social media platforms. 

Rising to fame in 2013, The 1975 is a pop rock group featuring band members Matthew Healy, Adam Hann, Ross MacDonald and George Daniel. Contrary to their past albums, their 2020 album “Notes on a Conditional Form” did not carry on their traditional indie pop that fans love, leaving listeners disappointed and hopeful for the next album. In spite of that, the band’s decision to take a hiatus allowed for the album to be created with their typical new wave pop style and up-beat lyrics. 

This album depicts a repetitive story about love, which is made clear through several songs having “love” in their title. Both “Looking for Somebody (To Love)” and “I’m In Love With You” express the hooking topic of love and the feelings surrounding being in love. Although multiple sounds are similar to their previously released songs, the lyrics send an impactful message to the listener. 

The song “Happiness” gives off an upbeat and romantic tone, portraying emotion toward someone through lyrical representation. Similar to many of their other albums this song develops a central tone of joy, just as the name conveys that message. 

The track “Oh Caroline” conveys the story of love, but in a different and obsessive form of love. With repetitive and catchy song lyrics, it has become one of the more popular songs in the album. 

Their album was a success, growing in popularity as many fans are left hoping for more albums or singles being released soon. The 1975 also has announced their “At Their Very Best” 2022 tour, traveling to North America in November and December, before heading toward other parts of the world.