Gender Reveal Parties Spark Controversy After Multiple Dangerous Incidents Ensue

Gianna Pompeo, Staff Writer

There are several things in life that should not be considered deadly, but the rising trend of having extravagant gender reveals is starting to be considered this way. Gender reveals have been attracting more and more news coverage as they become more and more dangerous through the various excessive ways that couples decide to share their baby’s gender. Although there is a political viewpoint on gender reveals—like how some feel they should now be considered “sex-assigned-at-birth reveals”—the damage they have on the well-being of humans is overtaking the issues of the political inaccuracies. From the endangerment of animals to the damage of the environment, gender reveals are stepping away from the reputation of cute and lighthearted and moving towards ridiculous and dangerous.

A couple’s gender reveal included the use of a pigeon. While most pigeons are known for roaming the streets of cities, some pigeons are bred specifically for the purpose of domestication. The couple that deliberately bought a domestic pigeon and dyed him pink to then just release him after the party caused a variety of issues for the bird. Firstly, the bird was more prone to being attacked because the survival mechanism of using his gray feathers was taken away from him. The Wild Bird Fund said in a Fox News interview that the bird’s new “unusual color” made him “even more of a target” in the wild. Secondly, he was not raised to fight, to get his own food or to fly, so he was starving and struggling to survive. This gender reveal harmed a living animal for their own selfish desires.

The use of planes for gender reveals happens quite frequently. In a particular incident in April, 2021, one gender-revealing plane released pink smoke to signify a girl, and subsequently crashed into the water, leaving two dead. Before this incident, another gender reveal party used a plane to dump 350 gallons of water dyed pink, endangering two passengers and injuring one passenger.  

In regards to the extreme issues of gender reveals, one couple took their gender reveal explosions to another level. In Sep. 2022, after a couple’s firework display went wrong, instigating a wildfire, later known as the El Dorado Wildfire. 

“The blaze torched close to 23,000 acres (9,300 hectares), destroyed five homes and 15 other buildings, and claimed the life of a firefighter.” said Guardian writer Gabrielle Canon.

In the aftermath of this gender reveal disaster, this couple was charged with 30 crimes ranging from recklessly causing a fire to involuntary manslaughter. Unfortunately, this incident was not the first time a gender reveal party has caused a fire to light. The extravagance sought out at gender reveals should be coupled with the proper safety regulations.

In Sep. 2022, a town’s water source—a 59-foot waterfall—was contaminated with blue dye by a relative of the couple. However, that waterfall was the main water source for the state of Mato Grasso. Not only was this damaging to the environment, but it was also detrimental to the town. The person who dyed the water may potentially be charged for violating the federal environment law, which could cost them up to $9,000 in fines.

Gender reveal parties are exciting occasions for any family welcoming children into the world. The means for a celebration is well-founded, seeing as the couples are learning their child’s gender for the first time. However, in recent years gender reveals have become increasingly excessive and, as a result of this, dangerous. The issues range from the well-being of the anticipatory couples to environmental damage. Gender reveals need to be simple and joyful events that do not have communal, environmental or really any negative effects.