Katy Perry’s Newest Album Creates Fireworks on the Billboard Charts

Katy Perrys Newest Album Creates Fireworks on the Billboard Charts

Dana Morrone

Those who have ever heard Katy Perry’s most recent album, “Teenage Dream” know that the enthusiastic pop songs within it make the newly-wed appear as a party girl who also has a soft side and a huge love for her brand new British husband, Russell Brand. And yes, he does makes her feel like she’s “living a teenage dream.” Thankfully, her adoration for her husband– while somewhat obnoxious– is pretty catchy.

The sound of “Teenage Dream” isn’t far from her first album, “One of the Boys”, released in 2008. Both include crazy party songs that convey her bubbly personality. “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” is similar to 2008’s “Waking up in Vegas”: both of the tracks reflect on outrageous party nights that she seems to have trouble remembering. “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”, Katy is more outrageous, even, than “Vegas”, with Perry exclaiming that the night was “such an epic fail” and that she’s “screwed; oh well” If those kinds of lyrics don’t flaunt her personality, I don’t know what does.

Another similarity between “Teenage Dream” and “One of the Boys” is the contrast between the hard-hit songs and the slow songs. The two slower songs of the album, “Pearl” and “Not Like the Movies” prove to listeners that Perry has soft side. On these two tracks, Perry explicitly flaunts her vocal talents, showing herself as a competent pop star.

One of the more creative songs on the album is “E.T.” Behind its booming bass, Perry sings some odd lyrics, such as “ready for abduction” and “you’re an alien…extraterrestrial,” leaving the listeners unable to figure out who the alien is. The most rowdy songs on the album, “Circle the Drain” will make listeners want to jump up and down to its catchy beat. The song is rumored to be about the drug-addiction of Katy’s ex-boyfriend, Travie McCoy, of the band Gym Glass Heroes. It shows Perry’s passion for revenge; she says that McCoy was “really just a joke.”

“I consider ‘Teenage Dream’ to be the logical continuation of my first album. I don’t think people want me to be anyone other than myself,” Perry said. This album shows Perry being herself: she displays her beautiful voice and shows a dynamic side of her, never before seen by audiences. After listening to the catchy choruses and booming beats in this album, you won’t be able to stop your newest obsession: Katy Perry. The replay button on your iPod is now your closest friend.