Best Summer Recipes for the Upcoming Warm Weather


As the warm summer months are approaching, it is time to spice up your recipes that are sure to bring out the best summer vibes. Try out these four easy and versatile recipes that can be enjoyed outside with your friends while taking in the bright sun and warm weather. 

Recipe 1) Summer drink

A refreshing smoothie on a hot summer day is sure to put one in a bright good mood. Smoothie recipes are very versatile as many different fruits and ingredients can be used, but one recipe to try is:

-One banana, two cups of frozen mangos, half cup milk of choice, half cup yogurt, one tbsp. honey.

Blend together and enjoy a brightly colored sweet drink!

Recipe 2) Pasta Salad

A pasta salad is a great lunch or dinner on a summer day as one can use bright and fresh vegetables and ingredients.

-Pasta of choice, one cup chopped cucumber, one cup diced tomato, one fourth cup diced red onions, one fourth cup bell peppers, one fourth cup feta cheese, kalamata olives, two tbsp olive oil, two tbsp red wine vinegar, one tsp. oregano, salt and pepper.

Add cooked pasta and chopped toppings into a bowl and toss together. Mix together oil, vinegar and seasonings to dress your salad with, and then you have a brightly colored summer dish. 

Recipe 3) Grilled pizza

While grilled pizza sounds different, it is just an elevated version of a pizza that is cooked on the grill outside instead of the oven. This will add a summer twist to the average recipe as it can be made and enjoyed outside in the warm weather. his recipe is also versatile, made with any toppings of choice, but here is one idea that is easy to follow.

-Pizza dough (store bought or you can make your own), half cup pizza sauce, sliced up fresh mozzarella cheese, sliced up fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, salt, pepper and red pepper flakes.

Once the pizza has been assembled, place your pizza on the grill and cook until the toppings are melted and the dough has a visible golden crust. The grill will leave the pizza with both a crunchy and soft outcome that is always better than just the average oven baked pizza. 

Recipe 4) Strawberry shortcake 

This is such an easy summer dessert recipe that can be made fully homemade or all store bought–both taste amazing!

-Angel food cake (pre buy or make your own), strawberries, whipped cream (pre buy or make your own).

Take your angel food cake, top with a mountain of whipped cream and then place freshly cut strawberries to make yourself a delicious fresh summer dessert!

Recipe 5) Homemade ice cream

 This is a great hands on recipe to make with your friends that is a summer staple.

-One cup heavy whipping cream, half cup sugar, one tsp. vanilla extract, ice, one fourth cup rock salt.

In a small bag add cream, sugar and vanilla into a bag. Then transfer than bag into a larger bag filled halfway with ice and salt. Vigorously shake until the liquid turns into a solid. Serve with topics and enjoy!

These summer recipes are sure to elevate your average cooking game and can be made and enjoyed with both friends and family. These meals will taste best on the next upcoming warm days to put you in the summer mood.