American Idol Shows Resilience


Daria Grady

Hearing bad news isn’t anyone’s favorite thing to listen to, but one of the entertainment industry’s biggest shows had to face the truth. “American Idol” looked as if there was no where to go after hearing the news of Simon Cowell’s departure from the wildly successful show. The shows’ creators bounced back and forth with ideas as to whom was going to replace their most famous judge, and finally, they concluded to fill his prestigious spot with two names in the music industry.

The ninth season of “American Idol” featured two new judges, Kara DioGuardi and Ellen Degeneres, who failed to live up to their accomplishments. DioGuardi lacked emotion when it came to giving people advice and Degeneres was just not funny. The season proved to be a failure, and even Simon Cowell looked uninterested throughout the episodes. The viewers showed the same response as Cowell; the ratings were down 9% and the show did not create the buzz it had in previous years. The two female judges, DioGuardi and Degeneres, made the wise decision to leave the show with Cowell. The creators were boggled with the thought of replacing such a great judge, but eventually, they had to face reality. They announced that Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez would be filling the void in the tenth season. The only original judge from the beginning seasons of the show is Randy Jackson. He does not have the same spunk he had during beginning seasons, but he tries to give good advice, while still being able to say “no.”

The newest member of the judging staff, Jennifer Lopez started out this season explaining how much she loves “American Idol,” and she confessed to watching every season with much appreciation. Lopez showed a moderate amount of enthusiasm on the first few episodes, but has since realized the brutality necessary to be a successful judge. She had a problem with denying anyone of their dreams that auditioned, no matter how awful. Lopez did not look promising after the first few episodes, and even she began saying, “Why did I sign up for this? I want to go home!” As the show progressed, however, she learned a simple two letter word that would help get through the grueling audition weeks―”no.”   Now that the show has moved on from the some-what funny, but mostly horrid, auditions, Lopez has shown her power, and earned a sense of credibility, by telling people that they just do not belong on the show. Lopez gives good advice, mostly on the performing aspect of the show, but she has also proved herself to be a well-liked and an overall good judge.

Along with Lopez, Steven Tyler was added to the judging panel on “American Idol.” Tyler was expected to be obnoxious and overly dramatic, which was proven true. He started out the season by giving everyone a headache full of excruciating screams and annoying commentary. The show’s audition week often showcases a wide variety of people, and Tyler looked to enjoy every moment of it. Although Tyler did start to say “yes” to every attractive female that walked in the room, he has toned down his loud exterior and shown a softer side. Unlike his co-host Lopez, Tyler does not have a fear of saying “no.”  His criticism is humorous, and he brings a fun side to the panel of judges. He seems to provide mostly side entertainment for the lack luster episodes, especially with his ridiculous outfits and crude humor. Tyler may look like he borrowed Lopez’s favorite shade of lipstick, but he gives good guidance and at the same time he adds a charismatic feel to the show.

Since Cowell’s departure, Jackson has had to take over the assertive role and has taken control of the panel. He does have to beg for a round of applause and recognition when he’s around his rockstar co-judges, but he still shows a bit of excitement for the show (because he’s getting paid to do so). Jackson does not provide much entertainment, but his dramatic eye-rolls are somewhat amusing. It looks as if this will be his last season, but if the check clears he will show up for business next year. Jackson does not have much desire to be on the show, but he has to be there to prove himself after the two other original judges left him behind. He doesn’t look as if he fits in with the newest judges, but he gives good advice to the hopeful contestants.

The show’s tenth season looks as if it will be a success, but only to the credit of the new judges. After ten years of the same show, the same concept, and the same songs, “American Idol” seemed to be slowly running out of gas. Tyler and Lopez show a new, better side to “American Idol.” The new season will showcase a good size of talent and entertainment, even if Randy is only holding on by a thread. The producers made good choices with the newest round of judges and the show displays a promising outcome as the season progresses.