Britney Spears launches comeback with “Femme Fatale”

Britney Spears launches comeback with Femme Fatale




A little over twelve years ago,  Britney Spears released her solo debut album “…Baby One More Time” (1999), and instantly became a worldwide phenonmenon.  At only 18 years of age, Spears earned the title of the global pop princess, and has retained that title for over a decade throughout her notoriously turbulent career. Although Spears has stumbled through a few failed relationships (JT, Jason Alexander, and K-Fed being at the top of the list), as well as a few rehab stints, she has always found her way back to the top of the charts with hit albums, like “Blackout” (2007) and “Circus”  (2008).  As Spears’ life seemed to spiral downward after the release of “In the Zone” in 2003, her career seemed to spiral downward as well. Many critics, and even some fans, believed that Spears would not find her way back to the top.  The releases of “Blackout” and “Circus” proved otherwise, however, as each album was labeled a “Britney comeback,” and each album brought her back to the top of the charts.The latest album to come from Spears, “Femme Fatale” is no exception, and is already being considered the greatest Britney comeback to date. With the release of her new album, Spears shows that her music has grown in the past twelve years. The evolution from “…Baby One More Time” and this new album makes it clear that Britney is not the same musically and otherwise. Though not musically genius, Spears has always had a talent for providing audiences with what’s popular at the time–of course, with her own Britney-esque spin to it–and with what they want to hear. Spears’ music is not exceptionally deep or emotional, but it is classic pop music. “Femme Fatale” is fun and fresh, and solidifies her spot at the top of the charts with similar modern pop artists of today, such as Lady GaGa, Rihanna, and Katy Perry.

The first track on Britney’s new album, “Till the World Ends,” is strikingly different from what audiences may expect from Spears, but captivating nonetheless.  The track is a pure dance-pop song, with lyrics that show no deep meaning whatsoever.  Spears meant for the song to be played in clubs and on the dancefloor, and so far it has been successful there.  The song is very addictive, fresh, and carefree; it is a perfect song for letting loose and dancing the stresses of daily life away. “Till the World Ends” is definitely going to be one of the most popular songs played by DJ’s in 2011.  “Hold It Against Me,” the second track off the album, was previously released as a single in late January 2011.  The song immediately became a hit with audiences–it held the number one spot on iTunes for three weeks, and was one of the most popular songs played on the radio in the month of February.  Displaying a new, electrified, sound, “Hold It Against Me” is a Britney masterpiece. The song has a different vibe and beat, and features a double entendre that only Britney could pull off in an innocent fashion. The song, like the previous track before it, is a purely dance track, and leaves audiences with the urge to hit the dancefloor.

Britney continues the dance vibe on the album through the next three tracks: “Inside Out,” “I Wanna Go,” and “How I Roll.” If there was a throwback to Old-School Britney on the album, it would be “Inside Out.”  The song pays homage to Spears’ 90’s pop days, and sounds most similar to the songs off of “Oops! I Did It Again.” Other than an original beat, the song sounds eerily similar to Britney’s original work–there is even a reference to the hit song “… Baby One More Time” within the lyrics.  “I Wanna Go” and “How I Roll” are two eclectic dance-pop songs. Spears incorporates original background music with autotune and catchy lyrics on both tracks to create two classic Britney pop songs that contribute to the finished product of the album.

Will.I.Am, as well as up-and-coming artist Sabi, are featured on Spears’ new album to add some diversity to her music.  Sabi, featured on the track “(Drop Dead) Beautiful” does not add anything to the track, and is barely audible throughout.  Spears seems to be trying too hard on the track to remain current by adding Sabi into the mix.  Although the track is subpar, it is generally good as far as catchy pop songs go, and it could easily get stuck in one’s head.  Will.I.Am brings a lot more to the album than Sabi, but the track he is featured on, “Big Fat Bass” is annoyingly catchy.  In classic Will.I.Am fashion, the song is purely autotune with little to no original voice left on the track.  Off the entire album, “Big Fat Bass” is the one track worth skipping.

The rest of the album mixes fast-paced dance beats with soft vibes that show off a more lyrically emotional–though, obviously, not too emotional–side to Britney.  The soft tempo songs featured on “Femme Fatale,” (“Send It With a Kiss” and “Trip to Your Heart”) show off sweet, light lyrics that one might not expect from a Spears album.  Interesting arrangements of music mixed with a mostly natural Britney voice add a new element to Britney’s music career.  The more fast-tempo songs featured on the back half of the album combine with interesting, and unexpected, elements–such as a flute featured on “Criminal” keep the audience intriqued with what could come next.  Spears’ versatality on this album gives her the opportunity for even more changes to her music career in the future.  Audiences will also find the natural tone of Britney’s voice on the back half of the paper is rather unique and beautiful in its own right.  Though Britney is not known for her voice, and is famous for lip-syncing on her concert tours, when she actually does show off her voice, she does not disappoint.  Her voice is not entirely her own of course, but you can tell producers did not edit her voice as much as they have in the past.

The last two tracks on the album, “Selfish” and “Don’t Keep Me Waiting,” show a progression from pop-based songs to rock-based songs.  The tracks definately have a “take-charge” rock-vibe. Both songs have the potential to become Britney-anthems with an original, current twist.  Both songs are an interesting path for Spears to take, but they are unique, and definately work for the album.

“Femme Fatale,” shows a progression in Britney’s music, and produces a real Britney comeback for fans to enjoy. Spears displays much talent on the album, and shows definite growth over the past 12 years.  Old-Britney hits, like “Lucky,” and “Oops! I Did It Again,” are no longer relevant in today’s music industry, so Britney’s progression provides her with a successful base that allows her to remain current. Each song on the album has distinct differences, but the album remains cohesive as a whole. There are no bad songs featured on the album, and each one contributes to the finished product.  The dance-pop vibes from start to finish on the album put Britney on the forefront of pop music today.  “Femme Fatale” is more impressive than any other of Spears’ modern pop albums, like “Blackout” and “Circus,” and allows her to keep exceeding expectations critics have set for her.