Bieber Fever Spreads to Box Office


Sabrina Dorronsoro

Bieber Fever Spreads to Box Office

An epidemic has been spreading across the nation like wildfire all thanks to one 17 year old boy: Justin Bieber. From action figures, to apparel, to heart shaped pillows with his face printed across them, Bieber’s face and voice have been on the minds and in the rooms of every American teenage girl.

The latest Bieber product is his 3D movie titled “Never Say Never.” This movie follows 17 year old Bieber through his childhood, right up to his sold-out performance at Madison Square Garden. For the “non-beliebers”, this movie provides a more in-depth look at Justin and his talents. From a young age, Bieber was musically inclined and now plays 8 different instruments. The movie showcases his talents and discovers where this musical inclination came from. Constantly surrounded by family members who enjoyed music and his single mom’s (Pattie Mallette)friends who were all a part of a band, it almost seemed as though Bieber was destined for a life of music. It is clear that Justin’s family played a huge role in his love for music, however, they also instilled in him the support and confidence necessary to work towards the superstar lifestyle he now lives. Audience members also get a chance to sneak a peak into Justin’s house and meet his family and friends. The tour of Bieber’s family life makes it clear to audience members that Bieber is just a normal 17 year old boy who enjoys simple everyday activities such as sports and video games.

Infused throughout the film are music numbers straight from his sold-out Madison Square garden performance. Though switching around from Beiber’s youth, to his preparation for his big concert, to clips of the actual concert becomes confusing at times, these musical breaks provide a nice way to breakup his biography. Guest appearances in the film run everywhere from Boys II Men to Miley Cyrus; with such a jam-packed list of musical talent, there is never a dull moment in this two hour documentary.

Whether you are a diehard fan, an occasional listener, or a skeptic of Bieber, this movie is an overall good-time; from laughs to performances, to a few emotional family moments, viewers truly get the full Bieber experience in this 3D spectacular. If you aren’t a “belieber” already, go see “Never  Say Never” in theaters soon. Who knows, you might just catch a  case of  Bieber  fever.