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    Ron PrioreJun 1, 2012 at 7:57 pm

    The override is necessary. Walpole can’t be left behind. Everyone will be far better off with better schools for the town. Students as well as homeowners. You older empty nesters want to retire someday and sell your home? I understand not all but the ones that do will see a bigger pay day if the schools are such that one wants to buy in the town. For those of you on a fixed income, retired perhaps, I must ask why then are you not in Florida or North Carolina if $330 is going to break you. Vote for a good school system, increase the value for the town and sell. You all worked hard, I’d be there right now if there was any kind of living to be made in Florida or North Carolina. Fixed income, I’d be right there golfing everyday in something brand new for same money as your 1946 outdated ranch.

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    g-manMay 25, 2012 at 4:38 pm

    As a father of three students in Walpole schools I understand the need for this override. Class size is the most important issue to me. Tougher to learn adequately in classes with 30+ students. Also imprtant is maintaining high school sports at a reasonable price to keep as many participants as possible. I can attest to the importance of keeping children off the street and on the fields.
    I also understand the financial difficulties many (including me) face with increased taxes. I would have preferred to see a number less than has been proposed. But unfortunately it isn’t. I will vote yes and hope others will as well. However if the schools come looking for more in the near future, I will have no choice but to vote against. This is a needed fix that will benefit all by retaining property values while also continuing to provide for a good education for our children.
    Just my $0.02.

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    ironzoMay 16, 2012 at 8:17 pm

    $330 more a year to someone on a fixed income is a big deal. And it won’t be $330, because in a year or so, the same people with the same sob story will be back pushing yet another override!

  • F

    FrankApr 12, 2012 at 12:14 am

    Whether or not you choose to recognize it, the school system is the defining factor for of every community, it’s crown jewel if you will. A community’s support for their school system defines the community, and in return the school system establishes the baseline for a community’s pride, prosperity, desirability and recognition.

    Yes there is an economic downturn, and the result is less federal and state funding which is at the root of the budget issue. Blaming teacher salaries demonstrates a complete misunderstanding of the issue and business in general for teachers and administrators are the greatest assets of every educational institution and Walpole happens to have assembled some truly valuable assets that we should be fighting to keep. Good school systems don’t happen by accident, they form over time and our goal should be to make them better and better by whatever rational and prudent means necessary.

    Educating our children to the highest level possible is our most important responsibility as adults, as a community, and as Americans. Thank you Ashley for pointing out that the education we provide locally directly affects America’s ability to compete in the global economy. Our overall quality of life depends on how successfully we educate our children. China graduates ten engineers to every one engineer in America. Many of these Chinese engineers are graduating from American schools because Americans are unable to fill the slots. Why? Because many parents and communities do not value education nor do they see the relationship to the prosperity education returns to the community.

    I support this override as this is my community and I want it to remain healthy, vibrant and prosperous. $330 a year to retain those attributes is an elephant worth recognizing.

  • J

    JohnGApr 11, 2012 at 1:23 pm

    Thank you to Ashley for such a cogent defense of what really is a very needed measure. What “My Own” seems not to realize is high school education matters in that it provides a solid foundation for college, allows students to attain degrees from respectable institutions, and most of all, should prepare students to think critically in a variety of fields–including fields that would be cut, such as languages. We need to be thinking in the long term, and undercutting our educational system is NOT economically sound. It would do nothing but lay the groundwork for less educated students, a less economically-stable populace, and a town full of depreciating property values.

    Also, as to the idea that Walpole teachers receive ridiculous salaries, raises, perks, etc . . . that is just ridiculous. We have one of the lowest median teacher salaries in the state. Get your facts right before you attack someone else.

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    BethApr 10, 2012 at 10:26 pm

    Thank you Ashley for taking the time, and doing the research, to write this editorial. It is great to hear from a student’s point of view. Yes, we are in a time of recession, and therefore less revenue has been coming into Walpole over several years. I’d advise readers to check out the website to read specific information regarding how the school system has reached this economic point, and to become educated regarding all the measures that have already been taken the past few years to preserve the integrity of the school system. These include numerous cuts, teacher concessions, and other cost saving measures. We are now at a critical point for our schools, and for our town. While no one enjoys paying taxes, if the Override passes, our local tax revenue will be spent on improving our own community. A healthy school system makes for a healthy community!

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    Community-minded CitizenApr 10, 2012 at 6:12 pm

    What a great perspective from an wonderful student. Ironically, both writers’ submissions are arguements for the override! Ashley’s illustrates the critical thinking, articulateness, and grammar that is a result of a quality education. And the one from “My Own” illustrates exactly what a quality school system will help avoid: an inarticulate, poorly written rant that is incorrect, scandalous and bordering on slander. Thanks to you both for making strong points in support of our schools and the override.

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    concernedparentApr 10, 2012 at 12:40 pm

    First off, it is unnecessary to call someone uneducated because you don’t agree with what they are writing. The community needs to look at what it will mean if the override doesn’t pass. Walpole will not be able to keep up with surrounding towns when it comes to education. Property values will go down. Noone wants to live in a town that does not have a good school system. Costs to the parents will be a lot more than the proposed $330 for taxes. Athletic fees will go up. What will kids be doing if parents cannot afford to put them in a sport. Hang around and get in trouble. Bus fees will go up. Lunches will go up. All of these fees add up to more than $330 a year. A good school system benefits everyone. Noone wants to pay more taxes, but sometimes there is no other way out. I have gone to meetings and listened to what the school committee has said. My husband and I weren’t sure if we were going to vote yes, but after going to meetings and reading the available information, we will be voting YES! Maybe the previous writer should get more education on what this override really means to the town.

  • M

    My OwnApr 10, 2012 at 1:34 am

    Oh uneducated high school student who wrote this nonsense article, this override is PERMANENT. We will NOT pay $330 a year FOREVER while your burnt out teachers continue to get raises. This is counterintuitive to fixing a broken economy.

    Moreover, companies don’t give a crap about what you did in high school. They care that you have a degree. A degree from Boston College the same difference as a degree from Bridgewater State. No one cares what classes you took. They care that you earned the degree. And unless you are rich or get some lofty scholarship, mommy and daddy ain’t gonna pay for that high priced education when you can get the same thing for less money at a state school. It’s called a RECESSION. You cut corners where you can, and DON’T GIVE OUT RAISES OR NONSENSE CRAP FOR FREE!

    • A

      Ashley WaldronApr 10, 2012 at 9:10 am

      First of all, I take offense that you consider me an “uneducated student” (which is a paradox). As for the teacher raises, every town has a step-system in which teachers get a raise every year, and that is not what this override is even dealing with. It’s about maintaining the quality of education in Walpole. It’s about maintaining the classes that students can take to obtain “lofty” or even “any” scholarships to defray the cost of any college. Additionally, if it is only about the degree, then why are we all not at the University of Phoenix?

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