Tim Connolly takes the Mr. WHS Title

Mr. WHS 2010, Tim Connolly, shows off his sparkly crown and sash to the audience on May 11.
Mr. WHS 2010, Tim Connolly, puts on a serious face as he shows off his sparkly crown and sash to the audience on May 11.

At this well anticipated event for senior boys, competitors Dylan Cuddy, Brian Connolly, Tim Connolly, Dave Newman, and the band Doomstable, showed off their talents, trivia skills, and creativity to attempt to prove that they deserve to be Mr. WHS this year. After many well thought-out acts, costumes, and survey responses, Tim Connolly was the one who was crowned Mr. WHS 2010 on May 11 in the high school auditorium. Following him were runners-up Brian Connolly and Doomstable, all pleased to be given a Best Buy gift card for their efforts.

Cuddy’s performance consisted of a skilled playing of the banjo and his unique survey responses. The question he was asked was, “If you could create a class at WHS, what would it be?” He responded by saying he would add a class that would be basically open for discussions, debates, and all opinions, which was followed by Mr. Mullaney’s comment, “I guess that advisory thing really is catching on Mr. Connor,” his comment being a joke about the new part of the school schedule next year that allows students to openly talk with their peers and teachers in a classroom.

In his spandex suit, Brian definitely pleased the audience. He danced and sang to a mixture of songs, including “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga, a well choreographed and funny act. Brian rivaled with his sibling, Tim, whose act was walking a dog (Ms. Kerry McMenimen’s dog) and making it do tricks, relatively unsuccessfully, but the audience still enjoyed it. Both Brian and Tim had great responses to their survey, with Brian answering that his favorite pick-up lines are “are you tired? because you’ve been running in my mind all day” and “ahh there’s an ax murderer [behind you], come with me!” Tim, with his suit and Republican tie, answered his question of which celebrity would you want to meet, with Sarah Palin, an idol of his. And, Tim was also the winner of the trivia section of the competition, answering 4/7 questions correctly.

After his entrance as a boxer, Newman performed a monologue about his mom, her tears, and him almost having to wear an Aladdin costume for this event. For the survey portion, Newman was asked, “where do you picture yourself in 30 years?”, to which he responded, “being a 48 year old man.”  His response to the next question, “Has a TV show ever moved you to tears?,” had him confessing that a show “has  touched his heart.”

Doomstable, consisting of McGuill, Rockwood, Groden, CTobin, and Tetreault, performed several songs with their guitars, drums, and McGuill’s singing and piano playing skills. The songs included “Party in the USA,” and “Welcome to the Jungle.” During the survey, when asked “If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?” Chris responded, “Cheese…uh ya.” Then when asked, “If you were to kick one member out of the band, who would it be?” blank looks hit the five boys’ faces. They told a story about making tee-shirts once and not putting McGuill’s name on it, informally kicking him out of the band. But, now all back together, McGuill said they would not throw anyone out of the group. And on an ending note, Phil said, “no but really, we’d probably kick out McGuill.”

While the votes were being tallied from the event, the former Mr. WHS winner, Brian Gaffey, once again stepped on the stage of his high school and performed “Fergalicious” in girly short-shorts and a half tank-top. His obscene dances moves, candy throwing into the audience, and non-stop energy bursts, had Gaffey proving to the audience that his 2009 title was well deserved.

After being crowned Mr. WHS 2010, TIm Connolly walked off the stage with honor and growing confidence with a new title that he will remember for the rest of his life.