Ash’s Apps: Chipotle Apps Makes Your Potle Experience Even Better

New Chipotle App allows users to put in their locations in order to find the closest restaurant.

Do you ever get the intense, mouth-watering, craving for a Chipotle burrito?


Every other minute of the day, actually.

But, have you ever dealt with this longing pain and been in an unfamiliar area? Well, stress no more! With the free Chipotle application not only can you find the closest restaurant near you, but you can also view the menu, pre-order, and load your gift cards onto your personal account!

When personalizing your account, the app suggests that users submit their zip code and location settings in order to find a Chipotle closest to you. So, if for some reason your usual Chipotle is unfortunately “closed due to grill complications” (yes, this actually happened), then you can quickly click on your app and head out to the next closest Potle.

Another struggle all Chipotle-goers have had to deal with is the ridiculously long lines, especially at lunch time. But, if you’re in a rush and have no idea what to order you can also access the menu through the app. So no more having to squint your eyes to read the menu and wonder ‘how many calories are in this? Will I fit into my prom dress?’

The handheld menu not only includes the nutrition facts for every item but, it also has allergen info so customers know exactly what they are ordering. Moreover, if you are in a big rush and do not want to wait in line, a user’s best bet is to order your meal through the app and head right up to the cash register when you get to Chipotle and hope that they completed your order in time. Some customers who pre-order in the parking lot expect their food to be ready right when they walk up to the register, which definitely is not the case and will most likely result in a man screaming abruptly because “[he] ordered his burrito five minutes ago it should be ready by now this is LITERALLY RIDICULOUS” (and yes, that actually happened…minus the dramatic placement of ‘literally’).

Aside from waiting in line, carrying around all of your Chipotle gift cards can be a nuisance as well. So, when users download this app (for free), it gives the option to load gift card amounts onto your profile so you never leave house without it again! And I know how heavy those thin rectangles of plastic can be, ugh my arms literally ache thinking about having to lug them around! Now all app users need is to find transportation to the nearest Chipotle and devour your well deserved meal without having to search aimlessly for the nearest restaurant, squint at the menu, wonder ‘what’s actually in this?’ or even wait in line..literally.