“The Bachelor” Week 6 Recap: Peter Picks a Final Four

With only six women remaining, Peter and his “ladies” head to Peru to narrow down a final four and figure out who will be advancing to hometowns—a series of dates in which Peter visits each of the women’s hometowns and meets their families. This episode begins with a call between Peter and his mother in which she advises her son to follow his heart. Peter rants to her about his concerns on falling for someone who is not yet ready for marriage (as if he is). Peter visits the girls to tell them they should make sure they know what they want and leaves dateless.

The first date card finally arrives and Madison is chosen for a one-on-one. Peter and Madison meet in Pucusana where they go for a stroll on the beach and attempt at fishing. Later, Madison reveals that she sees a future with Peter, and he says he sees her as a best friend who he “could also fall in love with.” In the evening, Madison discloses that she doesn’t want to marry a man who doesn’t value God. Peter is inspired by her faith and tells her that although it isn’t a huge priority in his life right now, Christianity is important to him. Unsurprisingly, Madison secures a hometown date and leaves the date with a rose. 

Back at the hotel, the girls find another date card and are astonished to see that Natasha is finally getting a one-on-one date with Peter. The two meet at the Plaza de Armas to further explore Peru. Typical to most one-on-one dates, the couple finds themselves dancing in the city with locals. Then, Peter urges Natasha to try his favorite dessert— arroz con leche—which she obviously does not enjoy as much as him. Finally, they make it to the dinner portion of the date, and Peter gushes about how honest and bold Natasha has been, but the chemistry between the two is not as apparent as the chemistry Peter has with the other girls. Peter decides to be honest and confesses that he only sees a friendship with Natasha, so they say goodbye and Natasha leaves. 

The last one-on-one goes to Kelsey, who meets Peter in the countryside of Pachacamac. Peter and Kelsey take in the rolling hills on ATVs and then recline on the grass, where Peter asks Kelsey to describe her ideal marriage. Kelsey offers a rather unconventional answer: that she would like to work a few days, but also be at home to raise kids. It’s nice to see a woman in The Bachelor franchise that doesn’t only see herself as a housewife. Later, the two meet again for dinner and Peter declares that he had a “fun” drama-free day. Kelsey reveals more to Peter about her family and her relationship with her father, which Peter loves and earns her a date rose. 

Finally, Kelley, Hannah Ann and Victoria F. are left for the three-on-one date. On the ride to their date, Kelley begins to talk about how neither Hannah Ann or Victoria F. are ready for marriage. Once they arrive at the date, Peter pulls Hannah Ann to talk, and she spouts out all her emotions to him and reveals how stressed she is. Then, she hands Peter a note in which she has listed all the things she loves about him, including their “mutual dorkiness.” Instead of worrying about her abundance of emotions, none of which are addressed in her list, Peter calls it “the sweetest thing ever.” Cut to the other girls, Kelley is totally relaxed, while Victoria has gone into total panic mode over the thought of being sent home. Next, Peter pulls Kelley aside, and she talks about how much she likes him and how she wants him to meet her family, but Peter seems to think that her lighthearted approach to their relationship means that she doesn’t value him. Of course, Kelley admits that she wants their relationship to be more than just fun, but Peter still seems wary. Finally, Victoria F. gets her turn with Peter. During their conversation, Victoria F. accuses Peter of having a “mood,” which he rebuts by saying that she has given him reasons to doubt their relationship. Per usual, Victoria F. cries about how hard their journey has been for her, and of course, Peter falls for her crocodile tears and gives her yet another chance. With this, Peter offers Victoria F. a rose, which she accepts. Peter then gives his final rose to Hannah Ann—who for some inexplicable reason is now sobbing—and, of course, she accepts. 

In short, Peter always gives a rose to the girls who cry. Despite being the only reasonable contestant, Kelley’s lack of tears is not enough for Peter, so she is sent home. Kelley keeps her composure as she says goodbye to Peter, but the moment she enters the SUV, she does not hold back. She bitterly calls the final four “little babies” and says that “they don’t really know who they are.” With one last blow, Kelley thanks Peter for “not coming and meeting [her] family.” 

After a relatively drama-free episode, Victoria F., Madison, Kelsey and Hannah Ann all toast with Peter to their positions as the final four.