“The Bachelor” Week 4 Recap: Pilot Pete Continues His Search for Love

Only four episodes in, Peter Weber’s season of “The Bachelor” is in full swing—drama and tensions are rising between the contestants. After last week’s drama that ended with Alayah being sent home, the girls hope to put this debauchery behind them; however, this will not be the case.

Once in Cleveland, the producers gift the audience with a montage of the women walking around the city and squealing with joy. The first one-on-one date goes to Victoria F., whose fear of heights is put on full display as the date card reads that she and Peter will “soar to new heights” on their date. They finally arrive at Cedar Point amusement park, where they ride the “SlingShot” a few times, talk about how many kids they want and get a private concert from Chase Rice. Victoria F. confidentially reveals that Chase is her ex, but decides not to tell Peter. The two depart to go get ready for their dinner together. Peter unknowingly states that he and Victoria F. should have Chase sing at their wedding.  Victoria F. quickly upsets this fantasy when she tells Peter she used to date Chase. They talk it out awhile and Peter eventually ends the date by giving Victoria F. the date rose. 

Meanwhile, the girls at the hotel receive another date card and find out that Victoria P., Kiarra, Kelly, Deandra, Madison, Lexi, Shiann, Tammy, Sydney, Hannah Ann, Savannah and Mykenna will be attending the group date. The next day, they all meet Peter at Cleveland’s First Energy Stadium, where he and former NFL players, Josh Cribbs and Hanford Dixon are waiting. The date begins with some drills to get them ready for the game. During this time, Victoria P. pulls Peter aside and confides that she isn’t going to play because of a back injury, this earns her a massage from Peter. Seeing this from the field, the other girls are not too happy about Peter giving his attention to Victoria P. A game eventually ensues between the “Killer Bees” and the “Eliminators,” who take an early lead with Shiann scoring all of the touchdowns. The “Killer Bees” clinch a touchdown at the very end of the game and to the “Eliminator’s” dismay, it ends in a tie. Thus, both teams continued on to the cocktail party with Peter. 

After the game, the “Eliminators” decide that Shiann will be the first to talk to Peter as she was the MVP; however, once at the cocktail party, Victoria P . asks Peter to talk first. While she is gone, the rest of the women express their frustration with the large group date. Despite the girls’ frustration with Victoria P., Peter loves her enthusiasm and expresses that he feels very strongly for her. Finally, Shiann gets her time with Peter, but just as they begin to chat, a bomb is dropped on all the women. 

Alayah enters the cocktail party, and Tammy exclaims, “Everyone is shooketh to the core,” which best sums up the feelings in the room. Alayah marches right up to Peter and Shiann and interrupts their conversation. While talking to Peter, Alayah tries to set the record straight about what the other girls said about her. She accuses Victoria P. of lying and tells Peter that they went to Vegas together— despite Victoria P.’s claims that they barely knew each other. This news upsets Peter and he decides that the three of them should talk. This conversation is a complete mess, with both Alayah and Victoria P. are taking all their time. The girls also discuss their stances on this drama, with Deandra stating that “Victoria doesn’t lie,” but Savannah says that he thinks Victoria P. is putting on an act for the cameras.  Once more, Peter and Alayah chat and Peter invites her back onto the show. At last, Peter returns to the other girls after spending most of the night with Victoria P. and Alayah and apologizes for his absence. Once again, a bomb is dropped on the women—a date-rose bomb—when Peter gives the group date rose to Alayah, who was not even on the date. 

The next day, Kelsey and Peter head out for the date in the streets of Cleveland; they dance the polka with locals, eat fro-yo and “stumble” upon a soap-box derby. After a few races, the two make their way to the dinner portion of the date; where they take in the Cleveland skyline on a boat. Kelsey tells Peter about her parents’ divorce and her family struggles, which prompts him to shed a few tears— Kelsey gets the date rose. 

Back at the hotel, Victoria F. has found out that Alayah told the other girls about the fiasco with Chase, and she is not happy. Consequently, Victoria F. confronts Alayah and screams at her for being “manipulative” and “fake.” 

Cut to the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party—Peter seems confident with his decisions for the rose ceremony, but the girls have other ideas. Just as Peter tries to talk with Victoria P.—again—Deandra lets him know how “under-recognized” the rest of the girls are feeling. He still tries to talk to Victoria P., who doesn’t want to go with him but obliges. Victoria P. completely blasts Alayah and advises Peter to talk to Victoria F.  Meanwhile, the rest of the girls are bashing Alayah to her face for her manipulative actions since returning. Once she sits down with Peter, Alayah immediately exposes the other girls for tearing her down. After their chat, Peter expresses his anxieties about all his potential wives walking out on him and the episode concludes with the girls arguing once more.