Winter to Spring Wardrobe Transition Tips


The month of March is dreaded and not only because it’s the month in between February and April vacations where schoolwork seems to be piled on. March is also the awkward month in between winter and spring, the time of the year where it’s 30 degrees in the morning and sunny and 60 by 2 pm. If you’re at a loss for what to throw on in the morning, let The Rebellion guide you as we transition from cool to warm weather.

Layering is key this time of year, so throw on a flannel or cardigan in the morning, and by 12 pm when it’s warming up and your classroom suddenly becomes a sauna, you can always take it off.

Buying new spring dresses and skirts but the weather is still a bit chilly? No fear! Pair a springy floral with a pair of tights and a cardigan and you have yourself a colorful and springy outfit fit for the cold. Check out stores like Forever21 and Primark for cute yet inexpensive options.

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Lightweight jackets are perfect this time of year. Denim and leather jackets can easily be transitioned from being worn over a warm knit to being tossed on over any t-shirt! Top it off with a scarf for an extra layer of warmth on those cooler spring mornings, or even a chic bandana scarf (fashionable options at stores like Madewell and Nordstrom.)

Still kickin in your winter booties? Swap out those skinny jeans for a flowy dress and cardigan and you can still get use out of your winter shoes when there’s snow on the ground mid-April.