The Up-And-Coming Fashion Trends of Summer 2018

The Up-And-Coming Fashion Trends of Summer 2018

Summer 2018 is approaching, and with school ending soon many students are eager to go to the beach or camps, while other students are looking forward to the style trends of the summer that they can be sure to flaunt on their social media platforms and translate into next year’s school year. Many of these trends are popping up repeatedly on various online shopping sites, such as Urban Outfitters and Zara, as well as social media; here is what to add to your summer style this upcoming season:

Floral/Tropical Prints:

A major theme that continues to repeat through an examination of summer clothing is vibrant and busy tropical prints, primarily featuring flowers and in bright hues of primary colors: red, blue and yellow. These articles of clothing tend to showcase the custom hangtags and the print on dresses, shirts and sometimes even rompers or jumpsuits, and typically have a loose, flowy fabric.

Nike Air Max:

For those who are more into the very popular athleisure style that has been very apparent on social media platforms like Instagram, then you need to invest in a pair of Nike Air Maxes. These shoes combine sporty and stylish, and are perfect to pair with such brands like Adidas, Nike and Champion, which pair bold colors with metallics. The shoes run around $160, which is a bit pricey for a high schooler on a budget, but the shoes are durable and come in a large variety of colors.


This print is primarily seen on jumpsuits and ankle length dresses that provide a large canvas for the long and thick stripes, and also include a flowy and light fabric, perfect for hot summer days. The stripes tend to be pastel colored and paired with a white background fabric to give off a more beachy feel. Shop My Happi Place is an ideal shopping spot that caters for any tastes.


Not only can you enjoy your picnic on this print, but wear it as well! Gingham, a usually black and white checkered print,  has been around for some time, but this trendy pattern is now being sold in a variety of fun summer colors, with a few pastels mixed in. Many brands have released new clothes like skirts and fitted dresses that feature the retro pattern. An item big on social media and at WHS in the Karla dress from Brandy Melville, which features the print on a fitted, above-the-knee dress perfect for going out with friends, going to the beach or going into the city.