Fall Fashion: The Runway Looks That Students Are Modeling

The A-List shoes and prints that students are wearing in the hallways


Photo/ Danielle Dentremont

Danielle Dentremont, Online Managing Editor

While athleisure never seems to die amongst the teenage population, Walpole High School has upped its style game this fall. Typically, runways feature abstract looks that rarely find their way out of New York City’s Garment District and in to the average high schooler’s closet. This year, runways have opted for more practical—yet edgy—styles.

Fila Sneakers

White sneakers seem to be a perpetual presence in high schools, but Fila Disruptor sneakers have risen above the rest this fall. Once called a “dad sneaker,” these trendy shoes are bolstering the 90’s craze with the help of A-list trendsetters such as Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski.

With prices hovering around $70, these chunky sneakers are the definition of getting more bang for your buck. Paired with anything from flowy florals to the classic mom jean, Fila Disruptors are indisputably “in” this fall. WHS students have been wearing the Disruptors with classic paper bag pants, skater dresses, denim shorts, and more. Junior Ashley Wong appreciates the versatility of the Disruptors.

“I’ve never been a fan of big, chunky shoes, but I feel like they go well with any outfit and they actually add some inches to my height,” Wong said. “Specifically, they work
best with street style outfits like cargo pants with utility belts or bucket hats.”

Sophomore Julianna Webster sports metallic Fila Disruptors to show off her individuality amongst the sea of white sneakers in WHS.

“I like the Fila Disruptors because they offer a wide range of cool shoes to choose from, so I think that they are good fall fashion this year because they add a really snazzy touch to any outfit,” Webster said.


Plaid—an under-the-radar fall trend—is popping up in the halls this year. Typically, the only plaid that we see in the fall is in the form of flannels; however, plaid has taken on a more sophisticated identity in the form of skirts this fall. In search of plaid inspiration? Cher Horowitz of “Clueless”— the “Mean Girls”-esque movie of the 90s— never failed to rock plaid looks. Once again, the 90s are back.

Brandy Melville is currently offering a wide variety of plaid skirts, one of which—called the Emerson skirt—closely resembles Cher’s iconic yellow skirt. However, plaid does not have to be limited to bottoms, as junior AmyGordon modeled. In a monochromatic plaid tank top paired with paper bag pants, Gordon fashionably executed her own spin on this fall trend.

Flashback to Last Fall: Doc Martens

Doc Martens are still in this year and are perfect for adding an edge to outfits that would otherwise be on the whimsical side. This year, Vogue has been modeling flowy florals paired with the classy—it is Vogue after all—utility-style boots. Doc Martens are the high school equivalent of such boots. Junior Charlotte Clarke recently wore her own rendition of this look.