Exploring the Validity of Online Fashion Stores

How to Ensure the Purchase of Authentic and Truthful Products


Charlotte Clarke

Websites including Zaful, Shein and Romwe are trendy and affordable online stores.

As teenagers, high schoolers are desperate to keep up with the latest and most popular fashion trends—without spending all the money in their bank accounts. In addition to their low budgets, many teenagers have to maintain very busy schedules. With these struggles, it is hard to find time to go shopping; as a result, online stores serve as an easy and convenient way to shop.

However, like most things posted on the Internet, it may be troublesome to trust websites for the authenticity of what they sell.

Some of the most popular and respected websites include Zaful, Shein and Romwe: all trendy fashion stores based in China. Each website is quite similar, as they have colorful advertisements, several categories of products—from clothing, shoes, accessories to random items—and almost always have large sales. Immediately, customers are drawn in not only by the products, but by the prices and guaranteed sale on most purchases. As perfect as it sounds, products—especially from online companies—can often compromise authenticity and quality.

In order to prevent making fraudulent purchases, one of the most important steps in purchasing is to research everything to know about the product. Check to see reviews of how true-to-fit the sizes are; the listed “small, medium or large” may not be the perfect indicator of what would fit every body type.

The type of material may also affect its quality over time. Certain materials such as acrylic, polyester or rayon are notorious for their cheap quality. Buying clothes made from these materials may easily become damaged, shrunken or have an uncomfortable fit.

Going to stores in person is a good way to guarantee the desired product, but buying products online may be risky as the item advertised is not always true to the real item. Sometimes, clothes look cute and fashionable on these sites, but the package does not tell the same story. For example, one shade of the color blue may appear totally different online than it does in person. Try to verify the actual color by looking at the reviews of real customers, especially the photo reviews.

With many downfalls to shopping with these companies, there is one thing that can always be promised: an affordable price. Zaful and Shein are very popular for their reasonably priced bathing suits and summer clothes. There are several hundred styles of clothing items to choose from, which will not necessarily break one’s wallet. Most websites charge ridiculous prices for clothes of the same style, but these cheap, online stores offer great dupes to combat this issue.

While quality and longevity of products may lack, these websites offer fashionable outfits for little money. They are a great option if teens make sure to research their purchases to spend their money carefully.