Netflix Gives Viewers a Magical Escape in New Series “The Letter For the King”

As the weeks of school closure and the nationwide shutdown continue, many are longing to be anywhere but stuck at home. In the new mini-series “The Letter for the King,” Netflix transports viewers off their couches and into a magical medieval land, making for the perfect escape from quarantine boredom. 

“The Letter for the King” is loosely based on the beloved Danish children’s book of the same title, and takes place in the three kingdoms of Unauwen, Dagonaut and Eviellan. When Tiuri (Amir Wilson), an Eviellan former refugee living in Dagonaut, finds his ascension to knighthood interrupted by a quest from the best knight in the land, he sets off on an adventure that will reveal the truth about his past and the three kingdoms. Tiuri partners with the bold adventurer Lavinia (Ruby Ashbourne Serkis) to deliver a letter to the King of Unauwen in order to prevent the evil Prince Viridian (Gijs Blom) from destroying all three kingdoms entirely.  

The series’ magical landscape and sets are fantastic, and everything from the set to the costumes are detailed and precise, making the viewer feel as if they were really there. The level of detail adds nuance to the plot that makes the whole experience immersive and enjoyable. 

While the detail put into the show’s appearance is stunning, the plot, however, is confusing at best and downright mind-boggling at worst. What could have been a simple storyline is bogged down with extra characters, introductions to new places and an unclear plot structure. Additionally, throughout the series, it is unclear who the antagonist is, and there are far too many main characters for any of them to have a clear character arc. However, the acting is of a high caliber, and it is clear that the actors did their best with flawed writing. 

“The Letter for the King” also touched upon the struggle many teenagers have with being taken seriously by adults, as all the teenagers and young characters in the story face ridicule, shame and belittlement from the older characters. The series does a good job empathizing with the characters’ struggles with gaining independence and respect. 

Despite the flaws in structure and storyline, the fantastical storyland created by Netflix will quell the boredom of anyone who watches it. Overall, “The Letter for the King” makes for an enjoyable series that is sure to keep viewers entertained throughout the weeks of school closure.